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  A hotspot for friends to enjoy a relishing Box filled with delightful, yummy & totally healthy Chinese cuisines that can make you drool! #wokyourway

It's getting steamy in here .Try the perfectly cooked rolls which make life easier and have a delightful lunch at Wok In the Box .
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Make. Eat. Relish. Repeat.
What do you do when you're trying to follow a strict diet but you've bookmarked a 100 places on Zomato? Well, you pick the relatively healthier option from the list. That's exactly what I did. However, I betrayed my diet when I asked the server to add extra butter garlic sauce, fried onions and crispy noodles to my wok. I'm sure some of you can empathize.
As for my Vegetarian wok, here's what the process looks like:
1. You're give a tiny bowl which needs to be loaded with all the veggies you can possibly put - Broccoli, American Corn, Baby Corn, Spring Onions, you name it, they have it
2. The server asks you if you prefer Paneer or Tofu. In a desperate attempt to salvage my diet, I picked Tofu
3. You pick a few sauces from a limited list displayed above the counter - my picks included Hot Chili Basil, Sweet Chili, Kung Pao and Butter Garlic (lots of it!) 4. You pick either rice or noodles which come in various types - I decided to choose brown rice (which was a tad bit undercooked)
5. Finally, you get to taste your wok and make changes, if needed. In addition, you can top up your Wok with condiments - crushed peanuts, fried onions and crispy noodles

What I love about Wok in the Box is that it's one of those few places that actually serves portions for one. It's filling, wholesome and a welcome change from the Desi Chinese that is available in most places. Now, I need to brisk Wok my way back to burn those calories!

May millions of lamps illuminate your life with endless joy ,prosperity and wealth forever …
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali .

I have always been a WOK fan. Though there are many opened having the name
WOK in it , So difficult to figure which is which.
I had visited the Bandra Kurla Complex Outlet before
& love the food there.
ordered Buddha’s delight with rice and veggies
Decided to pick a Parcel from there this time as was passing by.
Nice Place, Fresh & tasty food

What's the secret to a great Wok? Fresh Cut Vegetables!! How many can you choose? As many as you like!!! Come on down and try some great woks or Order through Swiggy, Scootsy or Zomato!
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Loved the concept as usual. Amazing options to be served with. The service is neat and fast, as it's a small joint with a lot of potential. Situated in a good location, adds to their charm. My personal favorite is Chinese food and they really make me love it more. The options are many, hence I have never been bored to try anything. Please do visit this place for its simplicity and delicious food
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What's the secret to a great Wok? Fresh Cut Vegetables!! How many can you choose? As many as you like!!! Come on down and try some great woks or Order through Swiggy, Scootsy or Zomato!​
#wokinthebox #fort

Wok in the box
"All good things come in small packages" in this case small boxes. WOK in the box is one such place that will never disappoint you, although if at all your food tastes bad, you are to be blamed as you practically prepared it yourself.
We are so used to the conventional way of being served well prepared food on a plate in a restaurant. Have you ever thought of making it on your own? The answer lies in your nearest Wok in the Box outlet. The wok consists of the base of your choice and a variety of vegetables and sauces to suit your sense of taste. It is a whole meal in itself and enough to full
To add on to the whole experience, WIB has games of various kinds for your entertainment for keeping a smile on your faces at all times. All in all it is a perfect place for a casual lunch/dinner and if you don't wish to spend a bomb on good food.
PS: if you enjoy good food and small talks, visit Wok in the Box

A time for celebration,
A time for victory of good over bad,
A time when world see the example of power of good.
Let us continue the same 'True' spirit.
Blessing of Dussehra!
Team Wok In The Box

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Wok In the Box (@wokinthebox) is my favorite joint for some quick and delicious grub!

Get your wok made right before your eyes without any kind of restrictions on how many sauces you want to add! I got mine with teriyaki, hot garlic and sweet chilli! What more? They let you taste you wok before serving it so that you can modify it to your liking!
For live food updates add me on my Snapchat ID - lovetolivetoeat.

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Momos for President. Nuff Said!

These 'Chicken Kothe Momos' define steamed comfort. It's raining sporadically, grab a plate of this, curl up in a corner and chomp on em like a Panda.
@wokinthebox has an outlet at Capital, BKC where i had this the other day.
Also their Buddha's Delight, Bombay Masala and Thai sweet and spicy wok are lovely.

Go figure! 🙌

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Wok in!! Woks are the new concept which is taking a great momentum in city these days.
Located in Fort, Wok In offers a similar concept.

We tried their combo which consisted of a Wok, Momos and soft drink.
For base we chose brown rice and flat noodles.
Since it was a nonveg combo, chicken was our main ingredient.
For sauces we chose sweet chilli and Kung Pao.
At first the wok seemed very bland and tasteless. But after some secret ingredient by Chef, it tasted very good.
For momos we had chicken momos which were again worth praising.
Overall a good deal in given price.
PS: They have a good set of board games and books to read. So you never feel bored there.
Food 4/5
Ambience 4.5/5
Service 4.5/5

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