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Woke Black Woman  For the woke black person✊🏾 I don't have all the answers 🤷🏾‍♀️ Dm for promotions📥

Literally how I reacted to the speech.

2018 the year y'all stop allowing people to disrespect your name. Idgaf if them mfs can't pronounce it! Fuck a basic name issa unique one. Comment it's _____not ____👇

Before and after what? Covering up her beautiful melanin with makeup that's wayyy off her shade to look lighter. She would've looked equally, if not more beautiful if she matched her skin tone🤦🏾‍♀️ #ohnosis *this is the same person look at her arms*
#bleachingcream #makeup #poc #melanin #blackisbeautiful #brownskin #beauty #selflove #smh #ohnoshedidnt #asiangirls #india #loveyourself #twistout #boonkgang #2k18 #loveit #naturalhair #washandgo #braidout #waves #blackwomenrock #melaninrich #cocoa #love

Stop telling girls to watch their friends when you should be telling these lil ass boys to STOP RAPING OUR GIRLS!!!I'm confused as to why rape is always taken lightly. "Oh she should've known, watch your friends, don't drink, don't go out late" society always puts the victim down. I'm sick of it, this story makes me livid. I've been raped before and the circumstances were soo fucked up, friends don't support you, family don't support you, police have no respect for you. That's why this story strikes me so much. Teach your sons and daughters from young no means no, no answer also means no. She has to say yes, if she doesn't that's rape. This is a simple fucking concept🤦🏾‍♀️

A black man doesn't need a haircut to look presentable period. Thinking that is not only self-hate but anti-black💯

Shut yo bitch ass up, dis a platform for BLACK PEOPLE✊🏿

Meet prison bae Allante Lucky (brown skin with a blue and brown eye) Allante became social media famous after his mug shot photo went viral on instagram and twitter. At the time he was arrested for speeding with a stolen car. Now he has turned his life around for the better and has started his modelling career which has sky rocketed immensely. Kind of similar to the light-skin prison bae who also got fame off his mug shot. I think it's good how they turned their negativity into positivity. I thought it was funny because last year people were saying that if the light skin guy was brown or dark skin that no one would find him desirable, but he still managed to do all the same things without being light skinned. Goes to show society's narrow minded thinking #blackisbeautiful #blackmen #melanin

Don't feel ashamed! We have all been in the self hate phase, long or short lived... ever so often we wish the little so called "imperfections" cease to exist. But with time we come to love them, and the people around you do too. Love yourself❤️

What people need to understand is that every woman's body is different and no two pregnancies are alike. Some women take a long time to lose weight again, some just bounce back fast. That's just life🤷‍♀️ Beyoncé has been going to the gym almost every day since the birth of her twins, with Jay-Z... it's all about effort.

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