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Idc about what the back story is, or if he owed him 1 dollar or 100. There's no excuse for putting your hands on someone else's child. Ever. This is so weak...over a dollar? I swear McDonald's is hiring🤔😑- And the fact that the teachers and his classmates watched. Y'all just as bad. Teach your kids not to enable shit like this, and also don't let them borrow anything. Because people get mad over these little possessions and things can get out of hand. It shouldn't have to be this way, people should be able to borrow things when they're in need, yes people take advantage, but there's other ways of handling things like going to the kids parent.

Victim blaming; When the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible. Victim blaming is not just about avoiding culpability(fault)—it's also about avoiding vulnerability. The more innocent a victim, the more threatening they are. Victims threaten our sense that the world is a safe and moral place, where good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. When bad things happen to good people, it implies that no one is safe, that no matter how good we are, we too could be vulnerable. The idea that misfortune can be random, striking anyone at any time, is a terrifying thought, so we choose to blame someone even if it is noticeably irrational.
We want to believe that if we don't do what that victim did (ie, drink, walk out at night, talk to their assailant, go to their house) then they won't ever be harmed in that way. As silly as it is its a coping strategy we use sometimes to make ourselves feel safer. Most of the time it's an unconscious act. Other times it's fuelled by misogyny. Not only seen in rape cases, is where people living in poverty are viewed as lazy and unmotivated. The moral of all of this is that we need to stop and think. Who are we hurting when we say "it's your fault", and think morally if what happened to them was okay, and if that ever happened to your friend, sister, Mother, girlfriend, how they would feel🤔🤔🤔 * I don't support what either of them are doing, but more people support Kodak, that's the point*

I've been going through ALOT, so I've been neglecting this page abit lately. But when I saw this message, especially considering I was thinking of deleting this page that whole week I felt soo motivated to keep going. I want to share the experiences I've been (going) through, because I know my strength would help hundreds of black youth around the world. This warm uplifting message is a reflection of what we as a people should be like to each other #unity #blacklove #blackyouth

Makes me more aware of how grateful I am to have grown up in such racially diverse schools. Schools where there were mostly black and white people, no over balance, and I never felt out of place. This is not the case for many people, who have to go through their education with people they find hard to relate to, and sometimes who are against and isolate them simply based off race.

I'm repulsed that the governments forcing people to pay for something that could kill them... what happened to integrity🤔😴

No words #jordanedwards

"If she alive , she a hoe" like wow , we get called hoes for anything. My favourite is when they call you a bitch because you wouldn't let them hit *have sex*... But the thing is only BOYS do this bullshit. Men have the maturity to respect women and and not call them out of their name. Y'all just hate women for their mere existence and feel that they're an inferior gender because someone put the stupid idea in your head that they owe you something. Newsflash, women aren't your property, we don't need validation to simply be. This isn't us getting offended by everything, this is us telling you enough is enough😘👏

These memes are soo dumb. Stop making a joke out of something like this, theres nothing to laugh about. I enjoyed the series alot, and related to every feeling Hannah baker felt. I've been in all of those situations, experienced all those feelings and for people to think it's funny, I'm repulsed. The show really hit me hard, especially the last episode, I've never cried for a movie or TV show until this one. It was a show that actually had a message unlike most tv shows these days. Most of y'all seem like you didn't get it or don't care 😑🙄 #highlyannoyed

One tweet and black twitter will end your career, expose you, and snatch your edges #knownfact #blacktwitterstrikesagain

Don't fetishize our black women. Don't love us online, but hate us in reality. Don't represent only the slim and thick ones, all shapes and sizes of black are elegant. Don't love the black sistahs with the "nice Hair" and bash the ones with the kinky roots. Don't love us simply for the physical attributes, Tits, bum, thighs, and full lips, her ability to embrace her culture and her inner beauty is what counts. Don't love her because you want to have mixed babies, that ain't no love. She is delicate, been scared by years of oppression. Our dark skinned beauties are valued for more than all that material bull. Show love to the dark skinned, melanin Rich, cocoa beauties who are forgotten in social media on a regular basis. The large ones, the skinny ones, the ones with short hair, the ones with no makeup, the disabled and the ones who don't have perfect curves💯👏

Be humble, sit down💯 @goalden_chyld

Isn't he the cutest thing oh my gosh😭😂 from @im_bossy1 -" Why is he out here acting like I didn't just feed him 10 minutes ago?!" 🙄 #greedybaby #neverfull #breastfedbaby #CatDaddy #myboys #TheAlexanders #theblackmancan #blackboyjoy #blacklivesmatter ##blackpride #educated #blackisbeautiful #chocolate #melanin #blackyouth #blacklove #blackbabies

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