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{changed caption} ~
hi, I've been deactivated for like 2 days I nearly forget this fanpage oops anyway I been happier without this fanpage and that, just for 2 days I slowly get my old life back anyway I don't wanna explain more like I did before like twice now I mean I always changed my mind because it's sad to leave tbh but one day everyone will stop using their fps etc.. anyway I got great times on here too tho it's was amazing but I got so much hate too and it's depressing me alot. I can't use this account anymore I mean in on grade9/year10 and I need to get my grade up & do homeworks probably. I go collage too and job soon, I had so many amazing ibfs tbh yall know who you are! I love you all thankyou for everything. Thankyou so much jacob for everything like follows, like, dmed etc thanks for making me happy i will be forever) grateful ofc! but I'm sorry for leaving I'll always supporting you without fanpage j. and to 146k people ty all for following me its was huge like omg! I had this account for a year & 7 months already🌹 anyways I came back just need tell you all something & basically just in case people wanna to stay touch with me then my other acc is @6iximxni (I'll post anything on there) & my sc is imani13x dm me on my other account for my phone number, I hope you all understand ❀️ to people who wants to be my co-owner, I rather just leave this account into memories because it's not gonna last forever but thanks anyway! btw I'll come log in and say hi sometimes maybe :) goodbye ~ imani xo

Which one is your favourite? πŸ™ƒ
Creds @tumblrjacxbs

Goodbye Tysm for everything...

My dms is blowing up ripπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜°
@jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob
Ofc I'm proud of him honestly πŸ’™

Oml who remembers this JDJSJSJ I still have it in my camera roll lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob

{watch it until end}
who misses jacobs braces?
I do ofc
@jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob

I got no more ideas of meme/textposts so I did this instead:) @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob

{watch until end}
mine is 6 & 8 :) πŸ’œ I miss these vines SM
@jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob #jacobsartorius

I think dip:)
@jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob @itzsophiarose { sophia commented im ded }

hope y'all having good day :) @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob

no one will but if did then tag me or that then I'll follow you :) πŸ’—
@jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob

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