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Wlynneb  Adulting to foster my Wanderlust https://www.gofundme.com/jtz2dg-wheels-for-wendy

Was slow going and there was *lots* of cheating, but an awesome afternoon nonetheless! My joints however, may never recover. #amputeelife #whoneedsanACL #allmymuscleshurt #donttellmyinsurance #climbingprn

When you take off your leg during dinner prayers 😂😂 #amputeelife

Just realized I match the doctors office. #winningattwinning #mygoodlegisTAAAAN #amputeelife

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Wanna catch a ride in the most bad ass Baja Bug ever built? In an actual race? Donate $5 (or more) to @wlynneb ‘s campaign and help us raise money for some new wheels (er, prosthetic feet) for Wendy and get entered to win a ride at the @mojaveoffroad #PCI300 on September 29. Every $5 donated gets you an entry. Contribute more for more chances to win. Two winners chosen on September 10, so hurry up and help us help Wendy recover from her accident in Baja this past April, when her right leg was amputated below the knee. Link in bio. Share this everywhere using #wheelsforwendy and help us spread the word! #bajabug #desertracing #fundraiser #campaign #amputee #amputeelife #class5 #class5unlimited @kartek_off_road @kingshocks @racedezert @bfgoodrichtires @dirtbagz_offroad @the_best_bajas @trophyburro

If you squint, you can see calf muscles...next step- training wheels!! #basicallyagianttoddler #atleastimpottytrained #amputeelife

#thighgaps are overrated. Give me back my tree trunks any day. #amputeelife

Applying for lifeguard. Walking hopefully not required #NOTontheflooronpurpose #forgotthatfootsmissing #justemptyair #onlybruisedmyego #rubitout

Less than a week ago was laid up in prison....err hospital 😬 #donttellmydoctors #downalegdontcare #whoneedsafoottokayak #suntherapy #missionbay #fiestaisland

It takes a village, or better yet, a family...39 days in hospital and finally home in San Diego. There aren’t enough words to express how much I love everyone pictured here. Between moving into a new house near my doctors, to building me a wheelchair ramp, to facials and pedicures in hospital, theirs was a constant sacrifice to make sure I was looked after every single day. Still a long road of recovery, but with this team, it’ll be a whole lot easier.

Day 34 in the hospital.... @hbelk

#Repost @captainbelk ・・・
For those just now finding out, and for the countless number of friends checking in, Wendy has asked to me fill everyone in on her behalf (because apparently it’s hard to type on a phone with IV’s stuck in you everywhere). In the words of Inigo Montoya…”let me sum up”. On April 26th, on the last day of the 1300 mile NORRA Mexico 1000 rally, Wendy (navigator) and my dad (driver) were involved in a slow roll over near Todos Santos (just north of Cabo). When Wendy got out of the car, she was hit by another race vehicle in the dust. A different team’s helicopter landed and flew her to La Paz, where she underwent an emergency surgery to relieve internal bleeding, and a fasciotomy of her lower right leg to relieve pressure caused by compartment syndrome. After 2 days (and still sedated), she was flown via medevac jet to UCSD Hillcrest where she underwent immediate surgery by the trauma team who performed another fasciotomy of the leg. Unfortunately, it was discovered that her injuries were much worse than originally feared. Broken left tibia, 2 or 3 torn ligaments in left knee, dislocated right knee, crushed artery, 3 or 4 torn ligaments in right knee, cracked liver, and necrosis of her toes and lateral compartment muscles of the right leg from the vascular damage. She has had several surgeries here, including complete removal of the lateral compartment muscles of the lower right leg. At this point, despite the surgeons’ best efforts, it is looking more and more like an amputation of the right leg below the knee may end up being a better long-term solution for her lifestyle. It’s not an easy decision, but it’s one that she is resolved to make and frankly I’m more terrified for her physical therapists than I am for her. Because I know that she’s going to be fine, and she’s going to be back up and running (figuratively and literally) soon. She is in great spirits and ready to start rehab pretty much, like, yesterday. Thank you all again for your continued prayers and messages. 🏁 #norra1000 #codered

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