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WJMS Radio, LLC  We are an internet radio station dedicated to doing things differently! #wjmsradio

No one ever said it would be easy... here's some knowledge from #DenzelWashington, the #actor & #rolemodel

It's about that time! Tune in a! @truekaylajay is taking over our airwaves from 5pm-6pm!
#artist2watch #WJMSRadio #kaylajay

Happy Middle Child Day! ..just kidding. We dont care. 🤣🤣🤣 #issajoke #westillloveyou #middlechild

Entreprenuer Life Lessons... There have been ups, there have been downs. Extreme highs and even more extreme lows.
There's been days when I am undeniable, and days where I feel invisible.
There are times when I feel confident and other times when I feel incompetent.
But with all that, I know it's worth it. Every stress, every ache, every win every L I have to take. Rejection, desertion, admiration, support, love, hate.. it's all a part of this process. A wise woman told me to learn to love the mess in my message. And for that, I will continue to push the needle forward even in small ways because some progress is better than no progress.
To those rocking with us from Day 1, we salute you. To those we picked up along the way, we appreciate you. And to those we've lost on our journey, best wishes to you, it's all love. ❤


Tonight.... 7pm... it goes down! According to RP is on! You know where to be... locked in to WJMS Radio!
Download the #Live365 app and add us as a #favorite or #steean it straight from our website www.wjmsradio.com


Its #NationalBookLoversDay! Pick up a new #book or grab one off a shelf at home and let yourself escape today! What are some #GoodReads you've stumbled across lately? Drop em in the comments below! ⬇️⬇️

People who say B are serial killers. Lmao #fightme

Sorry yall! Running a little behind! Stay tuned!

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you... Catch a new episode of WeOutHere radio tonight at 9pm! It's been a minute, let's check back in on the NFL anthem kneeling situation and what's happening!

Join Jams live on FB during the stream and catch the whole show live on WJMS Radio!

Download LIVE365 and search for WJMS Radio. (add us as a favorite) Or you can stream it live from our website at www.wjmsradio.com 🎤

Dont forget yall! Tune in every day to hear @truekaylajay 5pm-6pm!

Ahhh less than one hour away!!!

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