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⚠️°dirty fanfiction °⚠️  €~Current Story~Love~~~Hate😏😬~€ some chapters are dirty😬 •~Love all 1.2k of you guys 💕😋~•

Love ~~~ Hate
🚓 Dirty chapter🚓
Chapter 16
Hayden's POV.
We get to our room and.
I grab Annie and I pull her to me and start kissing her. I pick her up and push her against the wall grabbing her ass while kissing her
Ap(Annie's p.o.v)
God Hayden is hot ??. I start to kiss his neck and rip off his shirt and give him hickeys and love scratches every
H- uhhh baby (he moans)
I then pull his pants and boxers down and he's huge😝💦. I start to massage his dick and he moans super loud
H- uhhh-uhhhh baby girl
A- you like that?😏
H-yesss now suck it babby👅
I lick the tip and he moans and I start to suck it fast till I swallow it💦
H- I'm gonna cum
A-my turn daddy
Hp- she called me daddy & it made me 10x harder but I pick her up and trow her on the bed and took off her shirt and give her hickeys everywhere and she is softly moaning then I reach her pussy and I pull down her skirt and then her thong and lightly lick it everywhere and she moans
A- yess- muhh-uhh daddy more👅💦
So I eat her out and she is moaning really really loud and I can tell she a virgin bce I went to finger her and she tight asf but I do 👅 god her pussy taste so good.
Ap- I want him in my guts Soo bad rn
A- daddy here
She passed me a condom and I put it on and stick it in
A-faster daddy
I could tell it hurt so i slowed down
A-daddy faster plz
H- so I did and god she was good after going for 15 minutes we took a break. In those 15 minutes we both were moaning Soo lound. Ik she lives in her own place but her parents come over everyday or so but back to fun
H- come her I push her on the wall and stick it in the back and she moans sooo loud but after 5 mins she goes back to sucking my dick and god she is soo damn good 💦
A- I'm done for the night daddy I'ma go shower if you need me you know where I am... 😉
End of chapter 17☄️ Dirty chapters coming soon 😍♥️

I've already watched, Jane the Virgin, Drop Dead Divia, and all the Disney shows.
Edit : I forgot... The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Riverdale

Chapter 15
Love ~~~ Hate
Annie's POV
I have to tell my friends about us moving. It's going to be amazing 😍I've been thinking about moving anyway and Tasha said we can. The house is right on the beach and you have to take a boat or a plane to get there. Also the house walls are sound proff so you can scream loud and nobody can hear😋 it's amazing. (Swipe for the house) me and Hayden will be sharing. Kenzie & Johnny & Mads & Caden. We're all going to live together. Carson moved again.. but yeah. Let's tell the squad😂
Text Messages
A- meet me & Hayden at the park. We got news ( NO WE ARE NOT DATING 🤕)
A/N Hayden isn't in this one
K- aww baby 😬 were on our way.
M- same
J- yep
C- be there soon.
@the park ‎A - were moving to a private island❕ ‎Everyone - YAYAYA ‎A - were moving in tmr so go pack. ‎K - where we sleeping? ‎a - Jenzie together Maden together & Me & Hayden together ‎J- HANNIE!!! ‎a - shut up ‎end of chapter 15 ‎comment "☄️🚓" for more

I had to... Repost with credit

Love ~~~ Hate
Chapter 14
Annie's POV
I knew Hayden cheated. He not slick. I'm just going to act like I didn't know. Well me & my friends are moving in.
Carson , Loren , Kenzie , Johnny so yeahhh
Hayden is going to be out of there by the end of day 🤷😉 Hayden's POV
I have to apologize
H - Annie...
A - hey ex fuck buddy
H - wow! Well Im sorry it's just I have a bad boy act to keep.
A - and Im sorry that I actually thought I was falling for you.
H- huh?
A - yeah.
H - I'm sorry bbyg. Let's get back to living together but you can sleep with anyone
A - fine. Just nobody at the house past 3.
H- deal.
A - see you @ home.
H- how bout we go now😏
A - sure. But we're moving.
H - where?
A - to a private island. Me & all our friends
H - why them?
A - we can share a room?
H -deal
End of chapter 14☄️
Sry I've been inactive I have alot of school work so yeah...

🚓 not a chapter 🚓
I'm taking Indiana and Harvey out of the story.
Posting soon btw ♥️ sry I've been inactive I've been dealing with shit

I umm- wow...
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Love ~~~ Hate
Chapter 13
Annie's POV
Car- hey sexy.
A - hi?
Car- wanna hang out later?
A - naw.
Car- can I at least get your number beautiful?
A - sure. Puts her number in her phone
Car - Annie?
A- yeah?
Car- it's Carson
A - omg I missed you .
I hug him. This is my best friend/ ex boyfriend. He moved away with family and he's back.
Car- I'm back
A - wow I've missed you.
Hayden walks over.
H - hey Annie? Who dis?
A- my bestfriend Carson.
Car- hey👋
H- hi. Annie may I talk to you?
A- sure I'll be right back Carson
They walk away.
H- umm see I kinda sleep with someone else...
A - I did something worse.
H- what?
A - stay home & trust you.
H - ....
A - your mom said that house is mine & none of it is yours. I need your stuff out by the end of the day. Whatever is still there & midnight I'm burning. Goodbye hayden. I LOVED you.
H - Annie?
A- don't Annie me. I said goodbye...
End of chapter 13
Hope you enjoyed 💛. Comment "🐳" for more

Nobody notices Zach's comment?!?

Not a chapter
Here's the outfit

Love ~~~ Hate
Chapter 12
Skip back to reality. That's how my weeks have been. I moved in with Hayden we have sex a few times a week and I'm in school. We forgot about the bet but we only fuck each other. His mom says if something were to happen this is my house. I can kick him out. So yeah. I get ready for school (swipe) I get in my car and drive. Ig Hayden left...
Hayden's POV
I had sex with someone else. Annie is just not enough.... 😬
End of Chapter 12.
Opps it's short 🤷💕
Hope you enjoyed 😊

Love ~~~ Hate
Chapter 11
Hayden's POV
I almost told Annie I love her. We start school again Friday so "yaya" but we get a week of to unpack & have alot of sex 😏 we'll see I can fuck whoever I want bce the bet is about the test we take when we get back😝 but I'm going to there house. Annie's POV ‎i finished Hayden's room & called him into mine. . ‎A- daddy come here. I got a surprise for you. ‎i get dressed into sum extra (swipe) & he walks in. ‎H- WOAHHHhh ‎HPOV (Hayden's POV) ‎damn I want to be inside her so bad. She pulls me by the shirt onto her bed & whispers into my ears.... ‎A - break me daddy. Idgaf if I say stop. Fuck me so hard. ‎with that I have a bonner and I take her 'clothes' off and put a condom on & do exactly what she says... It goes like this... I put the condom & tease her ‎A- daddy HURRY. Stop teasing me. ‎APOV ‎he keeps rubbing his dick against my vagina and I get annoyed so I grab it & push it into me hard & fast ‎H - damn baby.. ‎A- oww ‎H- you ihht? ‎A - yes. Now break me hayden. ‎h - who's Hayden? ‎a - I mean daddy. BREAK ME.
HPOV ‎i start going faster & faster & I'm in really deep. ‎A- muhhmmm H- damn your tight 😩 ‎A - faster💦 ‎H- okay. I'm going so fast & hard ‎A - oww ‎H - you okay? ‎A- yes it just hurts alot. ‎APOV ‎my legs are shaking but it hurts and fells so good. Hayden wishers In my ear ‎h- ride me ‎i flip him over and start jumping up & down going fast & I feel the condom break so I stop & take it out. With that I start to swallow his dick 👅 & can I say he's so big. But my legs in pain. I can't walk so it's just me & hayden in bed. He cums and starts to eat me out and it helps a little with the pain. ‎we finish up & Hayden starts the bath and puts me in it & washes my body carries me to bed & says goodnight. He leaves & I drift of to sleep ‎end of chapter 11
. Hope you enjoy the dirty chapters 😝😂
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