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i woke up with a bit of a heavy heart. just wanting to just be close to my kids. my grandma (my dad's mom) is nearing end of life & after being with her yesterday, so much of it had resembled the end of mom's journey, down to the speech, mannerisms, & vanilla milkshakes. it was actually very sweet. it's watching my grandpa's heart begin to break, that brings me a great deal of sadness. she was his whole world. 💔 after some big losses & the amount of change, i'm convinced these boys have special healing powers. something i don't take for granted.

not your typical wedding "photo booth" 😉when the @thecollectiveyou can make you look this presentable at the end of the night, they're some magical humans. ✨ #bjparty2017

such big imaginations, these two.

its only been a week since i've been home, and already planning a trip back to cali. apparently seattle lost the memo that it's summer. 🤔

happy father's day to this guy. thank you for being such a loving dad & teacher to these boys. ❤️ and for being a human jungle gym 😉 // 📷 @catherineabeggphotography

spending time with my grandma today 💕 #cancersucks

the thing about being a mama bird, you're always on. figuring how how to recharge has been an intentional practice for me this past year. my mom taught me the importance of "self care" early on - exercising, mani/pedi, etc. so, i thought going shopping by myself or getting my nails done would do the trick. and sometimes it does. but most the time, it's the opposite. i've found that i need everything to be quiet. i need creative space. and other times i need to be in nature. sometimes there's guilt, especially working full time which means weekends are family time. but the sooner i do it, the better it is for everyone. 😜 today was that day for me. needed to say no and ask for a little help. rosé also helps. don't forget about yourselves, mama birds. i support you. 💕

corners (& colors) of LA. 🌵

what a fun surprise! remember that photo i posted last week (looks just like this 😉)? the talented @sophieandlili stumbled upon it & created THIS. so cool.

hitting the reset button 💪 okay, i would not consider myself a big smoothie person. although, i do like the idea of getting all that healthy stuff in at once. 🙋 if anyone follows @leefromamerica, she's already got me (& probably you) on the matcha latte train & now, CAULIFLOWER smoothies... i was skeptical, for obvious reasons, but it's delicious! between the almond butter & if you have really ripe blueberries, you would never know it had cauliflower (or avocado) in it. if you search, "cauliflower blueberry smoothie" and lee from america, the recipe should pop up. only moderation i made was i used almond milk.

this photo really sums up the weekend. 🙃

real life 🙋 the boys skipped naps today, everyone had a timeout, myself included & my house looks like we've been robbed. pouring myself an extra glass because i love these made up holidays! #nationalroséday 🎉😜 #roséallday

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