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Shane Bonifay  Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time. -fred

It’s awesome watching @nicovonlerchenfeld OR @felixgeorgii ride. Even better to watch Nico #AND felix ride. They are so creative and can make everything look so much fun. @liquidforcewake #doubles #wakeboarding #gh5 @lumix. Music 🎼 @asaanbrooks

The Drop is live over at Liquidforce.com
@luca_kidd has the first BTW “Behind The Watermark”. Just a drop of Lucas life living with @shawnmwatson and his riding from 2018.
Luca is an amazing kid that has a style of his own and I’m happy that I got to film and put this section together for him. He’s got such a amazing style with grabs on tricks some of you have never seen before. So cruise over to the link in my bio and check out the #thedrop from @liquidforcewake #relentlessinnovation #lfmedia #liquidforce Music from @asaanbrooks

Solo at Breckenridge today. #sopacked #stillsomuchfun #thanksbob

Bundled up with my babe in Colorado. @paigepompa

There’s some good deals going on over at jetpilot.com. #jpslayride link in bio.

Clear lake sunset from this summer with @mattymooe

Golden grams with @gunner_daft @alliancewake

A family so big we need two photos. #bonifays #thanksgiving2018 sorry for not tagging everyone there’s a lot of us.

My dog shitz, where your dog pisses

My hero, my dad, Pete KITEMAN Bonifay. The entertainment director #kiteman #hanggliding @phillies #1990ish #vhs

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