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Melissa  I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding. - John O'Donohue

Brent has always been my person, but he has also become Arlo’s person and Everly’s person and I know the minute I stop nursing Leo, he’ll become her person too. Every day, he makes each of us feel so cared for, so important, so safe. He is everything I ever wanted and everything I hope our children grow up to be. Irreplaceable, loved beyond measure, and entirely ours. What a lucky bunch we are. Happy Father’s Day from your devoted fan club- we love you!

Silly I know, but I always dreamed of having daughters in matching outfits. These two are indulging me this morning.

It’s hard raising such a sullen child.

“Hey girl, you’ve totally got to let me borrow this dress sometime!” #lottieandleo

You all would have been impressed if you could have seen how fast we all jumped up and went running out of the house when we heard the ice cream truck song blaring in our neighborhood. Nothing like front door popsicle service to kick a summer off right! #thejoysofworkingfromhome

Well nugget, these months are flying by and with each that passes, you become even more fun. You are laughing all time time (particularly when Everly dances) and recently discovered how to grab your toes. You will log roll off any blanket we put you on and have started figuring out how to put your paci back in your mouth when it falls out. Your favorite noises to make are a fake cough, a raspberry sound with your tongue, and the funniest “goi goi goi” sound with your paci in. We’re still making our way through your sleep regression- you’re still waking twice a night to nurse, but you are now at least going down for naps and bedtime easily in your crib. You’ve become very interested in our dog Gibson and like to watch where ever he goes. Everyone says the same thing about you “that is chillest, happiest baby I’ve ever seen” and it’s so true. You are such a dream girl! #leonaruth

Sisterhood ❤️

Spent our morning by papa’s pool celebrating our sweet niece’s bday.

Saturday morning around here.

Listen to this hilarious sound my baby likes to make now. It cracks me up every time. 😂 #leonaruth

Getting some love from uncle Thor. 😍 @crippledcook

My girlie babes after church this morning.

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