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Marissa Reece  A girl whose got a brain and always speaks her mind. UC Davis student, equestrian, sister of ΑΧΩ, & animal enthusiast.

After years of migraines & TMJ, then braces, then double jaw surgery and recovery, I finally am done with this painful pursuit of pearly whites and functioning mandible.

From the Sugarland show the other weekend.
For mine and Jemma's first show together, I was pretty proud of my little orange mare 🏇

Special thanks to Jake for making the huge trip out all the way from exotic Vacaville CA to come to my formal.

Kurt would have been 50 today; an amazing artist and a tolerant, enlightened human being. Thanks for the music that got me through those angsty teen years (and now). #hbd

#Loveis a kiss so sweet you have to close your eyes to enjoy the moment. (peep Jemma's purple halter matching the DVA ribbon) #healthyaxolove

#Loveis someone who will hold you up (literally & figuratively) when you can't stay standing by yourself. #Loveis knowing when to give space and knowing when to run back to each others' arms. #healthyrelationshipsweek

First philo event with my beautiful big ❤️
don't mind the blurry pic, it's definitely for artistic effect and not b/c Jen's camera is eternally broken.

Down side of getting this tat is now I have to walk around with my arm up like this everyday so everyone can see it. 🔞🎈🎉 thanks @dltattoos_macgrommet for doing a dope job.

Not the first time Delaney and I hiked to a waterfall & got into some cold ass water at the bottom, and certainly not the last.

Only 364 days until next Halloween. Jemma and I are already planning. 🎃

Beetlejuice and Lydia
round 1

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