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All things mägick  🍃🔮🌎🌌🌀🌜⚡️☠🌹🕷✨⚔☄

Cute little crystal soap - crystals carry powerful energy through them. They create focal points in the universe and help us connect to the absolute 🔮Treat yourself with cute little things that make you happy. You are divine <3 Discover @prettylittlefoamco

You can never have enough crystals 😇

To travel like wind, run off into the forest. To stay grounded, meditate amongst the trees.

Friday the 13th 💙

I see the moon and the moon sees me

Goodnight moon, blessed be

An inverted pentagram, because destruction is just as important as building something new

Light your home with the power of the goddess

A black candle to banish the bad and a ring of salt will protect you ☠#witch

Rhiannon #witch#goddess

This little thing flew in my room a while back and just flew around. Didnt see it for a while. Soon after, I found it perfectly intact. #prettyfuckingcool

Cleansing my #rosequartz and #amethyst

Feel the presence of witches from hundreds of years ago surface, just to walk among us. The veil between our world and theirs is thinnest at this time of year #happysamhain #blessedbe

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