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This is so simple yet so vital to understand if you want to survive life. Every storm you go through helps you grow into the person you are. Embrace the storms, because those storms could affect the decision you make in the future in such a positive way! Whatever painful thing you went through might put you in a position for you to help other people. You might find your calling and what you want to do for the rest of your life because of that painful event. So with that, I say, don’t view negative things as something bad, but rather as something that helped you grow into a beautiful human. I truly believe that literally everything happens for a reason.

I’m going through the process of letting go. Letting go of my past, letting go of material items, and letting go of people. It feels so good & cleansing. I can feel doors opening up for me and I’m excited!!! Life is full of beautiful surprises sometimes disguised as bad ones. The best of things can come from the worst. Just remember that.

Yesterday was awful. Had a bad fever, muscle aches, the shivers (as I call them), and my entire body was sore to the point where I could barely move. Later on I began to get really sweaty and hot. I was up since 2 am for work at 3, so I was exhausted and ready to pass out on top of all of this. not to mention all of those, my throat was the worst sore throat anyone could possibly endure. I cried or was on the verge of crying every time I talked because it hurt so bad. I didn’t swallow much or eat much for the same reason. I did make myself drink water no matter how much it hurt cause it felt nice against my throat and you gotta stay hydrated. I went to the emergancy room and found out it was STREP THROAT, which I probably got from Cal Skate (EW) and I was given antibiotics. Day 2 and I feel 1000x better but I still have a fever and my throat hurts, it’s just more bearable. This is my first time getting strep and it sucks! Happy Tuesday 😂

Morgan and nick searched for pearls but found bones instead

The ocean was incredible yesterday! I’m so happy I got to spend it with my best friends ❤️

Trees in Grass Valley. 🌲🍂

On Wednesday’s we wear pink. (Getting my tattoo reworked/finished on December 12 and I cannot be more excited!)

If you swipe left you’ll see me running away from the ocean cause it nearly swept me up on that rock. I saw a ginormous wave coming for me and I got so scared I turned around, held the rock, and closed my eyes.


Fresh ocean breeze 🌟🐚🐋

First day back at the JC! I’m starting the day off with Abnormal Psychology. I’m officially a sophomore in college. I finally feel like I’m getting my shit together. I don’t know...I’ve been so sad for so long and it’s strange being happy. I feel like I shouldn’t be allowed. It feels foreign; however strange it may feel, I know that I am so deserving of this. I’ve worked hard my entire life to be genuinely happy and content with my image and my life.

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