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Carrie Santana da Silva  Snapping my outfits in London & across the globe since '08 🇬🇧 London ✉️ carrie@wishwishwish.net

Living that Vegas life. I always get “people LIVE in Vegas?” when I say I’m visiting family there, but there’s more to the city than the Strip, and I’m discovering a little more of it each time 🇺🇸

Zoltar and I looking like a couple that’s just had an argument 😂 My real non-plastic partner and I were just talking about how the only time we actually fight is when we’re deciding on which pasta shape to cook. Or when we play Overcooked, that shit gets serious 🍳 please let me know in comments if you play too - doesn’t it just make you want to throw your controller? 😂

I’m not sure how many motel signs I photographed in the US, but it was a LOT. I love these retro remnants of old Las Vegas. This is Vegas to me, and I cross all of my fingers that it doesn’t disappear in favour of shiny high rises.

Charlie told me he really wanted to do an Autumnal photoshoot, so of course I had to oblige 😏 He’s my favourite little pup in the whole world, and I guarantee you’d love him too if you met him.

Not my usual kind of scenery 🇺🇸 Did you know this spot in Arizona was the inspiration for Disney’s Cars? Not hard to spot why. I was in my element!

Another couple of snaps from the Grand Canyon, ‘cause it’s not every day that you’re stood in front of one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It really was awe-inspiring ❤️

If there’s anywhere that’ll make you feel small, it’s the Grand Canyon. After a long day on the road we finally made it here in time to catch the most beautiful sunset 🇺🇸

Dressing like a cowboy gets you compliments from the locals when you’re in the Wild West 😂

Road trip scenes 🌵 I say “road trip”, but in reality we were on a tour bus because none of us can drive 😂 It’s such a dream of mine to drive around the States, but until I get behind the wheel that isn’t going to happen. Still, stopping on Route 66 was cool either way 🇺🇸

Each of the @marcjacobsfragrances have a different personality- I like to think I’m a bit of all of the Daisy girls at times, but the classic scent will always be my favourite. Which is yours? Head over to my Stories to swipe up and get your own from @bootsuk #PickYourDaisy #MJDaisy 🌼 #AD #MJPartner

Getting my kicks on Route 66 🇺🇸 On the road again, quite literally! My first time in Arizona on the way to the Grand Canyon...but more on that soon 🌵

Always on the look out for burgers 🍔

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