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Carrie Santana da Silva  Snapping my outfits in London & across the globe since '08 🇬🇧 London ✉️ carrie@wishwishwish.net

I tweeted about how strange it is that the places with the longest queues wherever you travel are the ones with plants/exposed brick/neon signs/avocado toast. The exact same places we have at home! I guess we all like that familiarity, or maybe it’s all about Instagram. Still, we waited in line at @zenithporto and to their credit this was the first time I’d ever eaten a breaded poached egg, so despite the queue, I’d recommend! 🍳

Posted my first photos from Porto over on the blog - you’ll find the link in my Stories! In other news, sunglasses tucked into a bra is my foolproof method of obscuring cleavage 😂

I’m not sure how many times I’ve reminded you guys that comfortable shoes are a must in Portugal! Exploring a cobbled, hilly city all day means sliders like these from @schuh are my go-to. Taking on the calçadas in style 😏 #mysummerschuh #ad

The architecture in Porto makes you feel like you’re visiting in another decade 🇵🇹

Always on the lookout for azulejos, the beautiful tiles you’ll spot just about everywhere in Portugal 💙

I think my favourite thing about our trip was watching the sun set over Porto from the Dom Luís I Bridge. Expect lots more pictures from this beautiful city in the coming days 🇵🇹 #porto

I always get questions about who takes my photos, and the truth of it is, whichever friend is around at the time I can coerce into helping me out! I’ll often set up the shot, describe what I’m looking for, and then let them start snapping. These photos were taken by the wonderful @hananoguchi on our trip to Scotland. Then it’s my turn to take over when it comes to the edit - using @AdobeCreativeCloud and @Lightroom CC Mobile, I sort through the best shots and get editing. It’s my favourite part of the process!

On my Stories, I’m sharing one of my must-use favourite features when it comes to editing in @Lightroom CC mobile - make sure to click through and watch before sharing your own edited portrait using the hashtag #LightroomFriends. You can download the app for free using the link in my bio! #AdobeInsiders #Lightroom #AdobePartner

✌🏻out from San Francisco and on to the next country! I know how much you guys love Autumnal content but you’re going to have to sit tight for a little longer as I zigzag across the globe. My wardrobe doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going...

I have this thing with wearing hats in the windiest locations. Had to head back to Bernal Heights Park to take in the amazing views of the city when I was in San Francisco. It’s such a peaceful spot to watch the bustle of the city just below you.

Another corner of San Francisco, another car I want to take a photo of 💁🏻🇺🇸

Thinking about how well the massive slice of cinnamon sugar toast from
@themillsf would go down for brunch 👌🏻🍞

Doing my best Elton John over a milkshake in San Francisco. I always go for Oreo. I still owe you one, @martinamartian!