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Carrie Santana da Silva  Snapping my outfits in London & across the globe since '08 🇬🇧 London ✉️ carrie@wishwishwish.net

Editing pictures from our stay at the beautiful @thenedlondon this morning. Felt like a Queen waking up in such a beautiful bed.

Attempting for once in my life not to wear a hat. They are like a comfort blanket to me, and I often find myself reaching up to adjust a hat that isn’t there when I’m not wearing one. I felt like I was dressed up as someone else with a ponytail.

Hey London 👋🏻 Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for me this weekend. My family are visiting, and I think after the zillionth time we’ve finally run out of new things to do. Is that possible? Any suggestions are very welcome!

The dreamiest nights sleep at @thenedlondon with @cultbeauty last night, followed by my second dip in this tub because it’s not every day you can watch London waking up whilst sitting in a bubble bath. Whilst I don’t have an issue falling asleep (*touch wood* I’m eternally grateful), switching off from screens to take time to look after my body like this is something I’m trying to get better at. I’m creating a bit of a new night time routine to combat that - I’ll keep you updated and let you know how it goes. #SleepingBeauty

I wasn’t intending on chatting about books in this caption, after all, my pretend reading in the photo was mainly about showing my new favourite @andotherstories cardi, but here we are. A confession: I don’t read very often. I get a few pages in and the other things whizzing around my head start to get louder and I realise I haven’t been paying attention at all. When I do have moments of quiet, I forget what a wonderful feeling it is being totally immersed in another world, but those are few and far between. It’s almost as if I need to train myself to do it again, stretch my attention span. I probably have more to say on the topic...coming to a blog post near you soon?

Scratching my head wondering why I always leave important things ‘til last minute. I’ve always always been this way. Essays were always written the night before, revision practically non-existent. Anyone else thrive on a bit of pressure?

Sunday. Doing all the things I neglected to do on Saturday. Love using this day to set myself up for the week - a long soak in the bath/face masks as well as mundane things like hoovering, they all make Monday a little easier.

Mugs of tea to push me through the last bit of the working week 💪🏻

Hello! On an unintentional motivational kick thanks to January. Crossing things off my to-do list faster than I can write them. Other than my tax return...that can wait another week or so...right? 😬

That @hm jumper I was trying to work out if I needed last month. Miguel made it a whole lot easier and got it for me for Christmas. I’m saving it for an upcoming snowy adventure ❄️

Hope you all have a sparkling New Years Eve. I’m staying home (because I not-so-secretly hate it) but that didn’t stop me from putting on a little bit of glitter ✨

Saying goodbye to the South West and heading back to London. It’s always bittersweet, waking up in your childhood bedroom and having your parents home cooked food makes you feel like a child again, but at the same time shaking off the laziness of the past week and cracking on with the New Year is calling. At least for me, anyway. I can’t sit still for too long. #lovegreatbritain

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