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Carrie Santana da Silva  Snapping my outfits in London & across the globe since '08 🇬🇧 London ✉️ carrie@wishwishwish.net

Friends who doughnut together stay together 🍩 Love exploring the world with this girl! #ChooseChicago 📷 @millykr

I can’t stop thinking about the doughnuts from @doughnutvault in Chicago 😫 The buttermilk was one of the best I’ve ever tried, and trust me when I say I’ve eaten a lot of doughnuts..! #ChooseChicago @choosechicago

Hello Chicago! So great to finally visit this city. Checking out just how huge it is from @skydeckchicago 👀 Can you believe that’s a lake and not the sea?! #choosechicago @choosechicago

My little picnic buddy. She might dribble over your feet and steal your biscuits but she’s a cutie ❤️

Under the cork tree. Literally. These trees are all over Alentejo and make the landscape instantly recognisable. Meanwhile I’m just pretending I’m in a @shopdoen lookbook 🌾

Simple afternoons in the sunshine. I know I go on about them enough but Portuguese pastries are probably my favourite thing on the planet. Miguel and I consume at least one a day when we’re visiting because it would be a waste not to! 🇵🇹

Escaping to the countryside 🌾 I always look forward to our annual trip out to Miguels dads place in Alentejo, one of the only places my mind is quiet enough to let me read a book without distraction.

Another shoutout to this @anthropologieeu dress that I’m in love with 🧡

These beautiful streets ❤️🇵🇹

It’s behind you! Hey Lisbon. Wow, you’ve gotten really busy, haven’t you? Couldn’t believe the amount of tourists in the city, it’s changed so much in the past decade.

It’s been a little quiet from me as I’ve spent the past few days hauling cardboard boxes around as we moved house. But we’re finally in! The first thing I bought for our new place was a print from this amazing shop in Porto, @mercadoloftstore - there was SO much I wanted to bring home.

Now if this spot in Porto isn’t #accidentallywesanderson I don’t know what is. The millennial in me had to go and visit this beautiful pink deco house I’d only seen in pictures for so long. More in my latest blog post 🌴

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