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I love that both my kids have an interest in photography. We are off to @campbestival this weekend and we will be taking an old digital camera for the kids to capture the weekend.
How amazing are these new dresses from @2littlelegs_ we are loving the unicorns!


As many of you know it's been a rough few weeks for us. Little Viking has taken it particularly hard. He's worrying a lot, and that topped with going to school soon might be proving a bit much for him. I'm determined to help him through and enjoy our summer. We are looking for fabulous days out, places we can visit and have adventures. Anything to cheer this one up! Please tag your favourite places I can take him!


I'll say it once and I'll say it again. Swimming isn't a hobby it's an important life skill. Children need to know how to cope and survive in water! You never know what circumstance they could end up in!
Little and Mini Viking have both been swimming with @waterbabiesuk since they were 8 weeks old. We have just finished up term for the summer holidays and I know the kids are going to miss it until we start again in sept!
How fab is Mini Vikings reusable swim nappy from @totsbots !!!


We have had a very lazy morning and these two have just been chilling whilst I do some bits around the house! Off for Mini Vikings swimming lesson and then some lunch! Shame the weather is so grey!!


My dads name for me is Rebel and he always used to sing Rebel Rebel to me by David Bowie. We even danced to it at my wedding. So when we saw this amazing T-shirt from @kidultandco we knew we had to have it!!! It teams up perfectly with her fabulous @lottieandlysh headband and leggings which she has finally grown into!
I have a funny feeling Mini Viking maybe more of a Rebel than me! Here is to all the strong independent girls out there!

So first day of summer holidays and we survived! Just about, with the help of my mum. To add to our list of woes this month (flood,burglary, car crash) our washing machine packed in! Anyone know much about the Samsung Eco bubble? @johnlewisretail have it on offer!

The Vikings have been having a fab time with their @bushbabyworldphotos this week. They love brushing their hair and wiggling their eyes. Little Viking laughs so much at their "woggly" eyes! So many hours of fun and I'm sure we will have much more fun over the summer as there are more to collect!!! #ad #bushbabyworld #wigglewaggle @bushbabyworldphotos#


Little Viking was so excited to have a Star Wars party for his birthday last month.
Massive thanks to @disneystoreuk for hooking us up. Their new Disney Party site is a one stop shop for parents to plan, organise and buy anything Disney, Marvel or Star Wars for their little ones party.
Make their day unforgettable! #ad #DisneyParty @DisneyStoreUK


I have taken a little break, recharged and desperately tried to regain some kind of organisation! So we are back! Excited for the summer holidays and all our adventures!
So what have we missed?


The last two months have been beyond challenging. I'm struggling to pick up my feet and get on with stuff. But every time I feel life is unfair, or difficult I look at these two and realise I'm so blessed and I can get through anything.
Ps how fab are there @lilcubs t shirts?

The smell of lavender always makes me sleepy, so I'm off to sleep Instagram and leave you with this shot from @hitchinlavender earlier this week. The Vikings love their local lavender field!


Every time I see these photos I can't help but smile. How lucky are the Vikings and I to have such fabulous friends. We have had a rough start to the week with a flood in our house, we don't seem to be having much luck recently! Our memories of this fabulous day have kept us going though!
Also massive shout out to one of our favs @buttonandsquirt for the insanely amazing t shirts! Seriously go check them out. My two of course had to have sloths!!

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