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Bruce Davidson 

I asked Noah to read this, then asked him what it means.
He answered: You need me!
I love my children so, so much. 😁

When the playground equipment just isn't cutting it any longer, there's always mom's fancy cellphone!

Happy Saint Valentine's Day! ❤ #buildthewall #trump45 #stvalentinesday

Each of these is essentially an immense hurricane whirling in Jupiter's atmosphere. This recent photo taken by the Juno spacecraft, is an extreme closeup of a tiny strip of cloud top real estate. For us earthlings, it's hard to fathom a hurricane the size of our entire planet, or in the case of the Great Red Spot, 2 or 3 earth's wide!
On Jupiter, everything is big and storms can last for hundreds of years.

Some people are dog people, some are cat people. My family has always been a cat family.
Going way back-
#catpeople #cats #cats_of_instagram

This photo of Mars taken on February 6, 2017 by the Curiosity Rover, shows bedforms created by the thin atmosphere over the eons. I find it intriguing that the Martian atmosphere, equivalent to earth's at 100,000 feet, is capable of generating dust devils, wind (and global dust storms) as well as widespread dune fields.

One minute they're dancing around entertaining me, then I get a phone call and they fall asleep before I can rejoin them in their play.

El que se fue a la Villa perdió su silla.