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She's coming along! Already harvesting food as well. Lots of salad stuffs and rhubarb.

How is Dieter at all comfortable laying like that? My neck would be killing me!

Attempt 2. Grid is acceptable now!

Trying to make my very first crossword puzzle! This next step is a bit intimidating!

The #Macaron rescue is a success!!!
My last post explains the oven disaster that left them bone dry. My friend Dianne said to put bread in there, but I don't keep bread in the house - it's my total weakness. It's a rare treat of a baguette or such to go with wine, cheese, and friendship. But the advice gave me an idea, and what did I have to lose? I used damp paper towels instead. Understand they were damp, not wet! I rang out every last drop of water I could. Then, I put them in the middle (Macs below and above the towels), covered with tin foil (with the current heat it's a nice little steam room for them), and left them overnight. Huge improvement this morning! Another round while at work today and they should be ready for filling tonight!

2 dozen successful #macarons!
Lemon. White tea and jasmin. ~~~~~ My oven is really screwed up and the temperature is all over the place and doesn't stay constant anymore. The landlord seriously needs to fix it! Before, it just ran cool and I had to use an analog thermometer inside. Yesterday, I discovered that it no longer stays at the same temp when it's on at the cost of 2 full batches that were in the oven at the same time. They wouldn't get done and finally after nearly 40 min I just pulled them. They taste great, just far too dry. I'm trying a trick to see if I can get them to absorb some moisture, saving them. I truly hope so! I have some fun flavors.

Met this little guy today!

She's coming along!

I find this frustrating. Why hollow? I mange the heck out of them and still hollow. Otherwise good.

The full range! The obvious: lemon, orange, and lime. The standard: vanilla and chocolate. And the unexpected: poppyseed and jasmin white tea.
The problem: Not enough cookie sheets! 😣

#macaron #Macarons #macaronage

I got a little zealous and pipes too much making the blue (vanilla) ones. 😕 I hope they come apart cleanly when they are baked.

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