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This photo of the Lagoon Nebula was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in celebration of its 28 years in orbit. The Lagoon Nebula, seen here in dazzling color, is 4,000 light years away and is gargantuan as star nurseries go: 20 light years high and 55 light years wide. To see more stunning space photos, visit the link in our bio. 📸: @nasa | @europeanspaceagency

Lightning travels at speeds of up to 200 million miles per hour. It comes, quite literally, in a flash, and often disappears before you can reach for your camera. That makes it pretty hard to photograph—unless you’re a pro like Jason Weingart. He's mastered the art of shooting lightning while tailing storms in more than a dozen states across the country. In Weingart's words, "If it's flashing, I'm on it." To see more of Weingart's stunning photography, check out the link in our bio. 📸: Jason Weingart | @jasonweingart

Fish: We're safe from birds down here, right?
Kingfisher: lol
Read more about this epic hunter at the link in the bio.

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Billions of animals live far away from the sun’s rays in the dark depths of the oceans. But at night, they ascend toward the surface for food, an awesome dance that makes up the largest migration on the planet. Scott Tuason is often right there, his camera poised to capture the incredible colorful creatures that float before the lens—like this juvenile flying fish with a pygmy squid under its fin. To see more of Tuason's breathtaking shots, visit the link in our bio. 📸: Scott Tuason | @gutsytuason

Hayley Eichenbaum has quit every photography class she's ever signed up for. Still, she has an amazing eye for form and color in photography, no doubt helped by her background in installation and performance art. "I want to walk that line between authentic and surreal—because many times that was my experience when seeing these locations in person," she says. Read more about Eichenbaum's work at the link in our bio. 📸: Hayley Eichenbaum | @inter_disciplinary

Kacper Kowalski loves gazing down on the world from up above. That's why he takes to the sky in a paramotor to capture breathtaking aerial photographs of Poland. "All my photography exists because I love to fly. I have to fly," Kowalski says. "Photography is like an excuse for flying. I take pictures because I can see the world from above. I don't take pictures on the ground. Not at all." To see more of Kowalski's vibrant and breathtaking shots, visit the link in our bio. 📸: Kacper Kowalski | @kacperkowalski_photography

This stunning aerial shot shows terraced farms in Bali, Indonesia. Terraced fields help to decrease both erosion and surface runoff, and are often used when growing crops that require irrigation, such as rice. Happy Earth Day! 📸: Ken Martin | @kendallmartin

Happy Earth Day! It's the only planet we've got—for the time being, anyway—so let's do our best to treat it well. 📸: @nasa

This isn't a photo of an approaching hurricane or thunder shower. It's a carefully constructed collage of dozens of individual clouds. To see how photographer Seb Janiak made this masterpiece, visit the link in our bio. 📸: Seb Janiak | @sebjaniak

Cherry blossom season is here! The view out your window probably isn't quite as spectacular as this aerial shot of China's cherry blossoms in bloom, but it's still a perfect way to celebrate spring. 📸: @gettyimages

Some time around the mid-aughts, folks in the weed industry began to notice a shift in the market—extracts were on the rise. Cannabis extracts, which go by names including shatter, batter, wax, dabs, and honey, are both stronger and more discrete than their plant-based starting materials. To learn more about the process of making extracts like this budder—which is created by whipping extract into a frosting-like consistency—check out the link in our bio. 📸: Moxie | @moxie710

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