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When I ventured into the world of fitness just a few short years ago, I went from being out of shape post pregnancy, to the extremes of bodybuilding, and now to what I call my balance
The picture on the left depicts the lack of balance in my life, only survival, while I adjusted to being a mom again. In the middle I went through 7mos of intense training to compete in bodybuilding which meant being on point 24/7 with nutrition, exercise, and mental focus. The most recent pic, on the right is what I call balance, its something I wasn’t even sure was possible until recently. With my new balance I am still able to have the physique and I have also regained my health which was once compromised due to my autoimmune
I now say my new balance is my strength, because of it I feel like my body is capable of so much more that goes beyond the physique. Your balance in life is what truly makes you stronger in every aspect of your life, bringing you a life of health and fulfillment. #autoimmunewarrior #autoimmunefitness #mindfulliving #balancedliving #balance

All the flavors of summer in a bowl! A new favorite! #burgerinabowl #autoimmunewellness #aipcoach #cleaneating #healthyfood #guthealth

I feel like a new person lately and most of that stems from finally learning my balance. You see things all over social media that make you wonder what you’ll have to do to get that body, but I didn’t just want that body, I also wanted to feel energized, live my life, and be healthy (no extremes). For a while I wasn’t sure it was possible because I knew I didn’t have the typical body and had challenges that came along with my autoimmune. In the end it comes down to consistency, listening to your body, and fueling it with the right foods! If you’re in that place wondering if that’s possible, it is!! You just have to find what works for your body along with some determination. #autoimmunedisease #wellnesss #aipcoach #lifestylecoaching #thyroidhealth #aipdiet

Rest day yesterday! A little bit of nature along with some energy healing. Sometimes we are given reminders by people and circumstances on what we needed all along. #empath #energyhealing #mindfulliving #holistichealth #mentalhealth #autoimmunewellness

Another day, another workout, but the difference here is what you don’t see
Most people immediately notice the physique, but what I see when I look at this pic is the result of a good mind. I wish I had a side by side of me and my body on days I am mentally struggling
Those days it shows on my face and in my physique.
When you’re tired, depressed, stressed, and have health issues it affects everything inside and out. How your body is functioning and how you treat it shines through on the outside
Here my mind is in a good place, I’m healthy, had a good nights sleep, and I’ve been on track with eating the right foods....all those things combined and consistency are important to get your results, but the one that tops them all and affects everyone of the things mentioned above is your mental wellness
If you want to achieve, make your mental health a priority. #mentalhealth #autoimmunewarrior #autoimmunewellness #hashimotosthyroiditis #guthealth #thyroidhealth #upperbodyday

Happy Sunday! Just had an amazing workout!!...theres no better workout than when your mind is in the best place and you’re body is feeling strong. And a killer workout deserves the proper fuel, time to stuff my face with this yummy salad I put together. I’m finding I’m loving mixing fruits and veggies more and more because this way you get the best of both worlds, right? The other thing I’m finding is that I still feel healthy consuming something sweet when I combine the two plus I’m getting the benefits of those awesome greens and it’s making me not want to eat the entire bag of dried figs 😉 #cleaneating #aipdiet #guthealthmatters #greensforlife #postworkoutfuel #momswholift #autoimmunewarrior #hashimotosthyroiditis

Hey guys! It’s been a while. IG can be so mentally draining so I decided to step back a bit and take care of myself
I’m back and finally feeling better, but there’s definitely some things I’m working through that I will share soon
Honestly I can’t stop staring at this pic because I gave up on having abs like this a while back. I thought it would require something extreme and here I am after 3 kids.
No secret formula! Just commitment and listening to my body. My biggest goal since competing has been to find a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. I didn’t want any extreme workouts or diet....just balance
To be honest competing did quite a number on me mentally and I was determined to find a way that I would be happy mentally, confident physically, and most of all healthy.
I’ve come a long way and everyday I’m learning more. Life will always happen so there have been setbacks, but I always always find my way back and come back even better

I may have a creepy gym, but I got abs baby! 😂 #autoimmunewellness #thyroidhealth #guthealth #momswholift #fullbody #postpartumbody #hashimotosweightloss

Thank you, next. #arianagrande

Always have to start my day with greens! Greens set my day for me...they help me set my mindset to make better food choices and even as far as how I take care of myself that day. What do you do to get you on track for the day? #gogreens #autoimmunedisease #healthyliving #momswholift #alexiaclark #autoimmunewellness

There’s nothing stoppin’ me(even an ugly gym 😂) I had the best leg day today and it was just what my brain needed! Not many people may understand why I need fitness in my life and Ive learned to be ok with that

I know I have an autoimmune disease for life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do the things that fuel my soul and the things I love. Im slowly, but surely figuring out how to work with my body in a healthy and sustainable way

No matter what, fitness will always be an important part of my life for many reasons...for my mental health, for the health of my overall body, and because who doesn’t want to feel incredible in their skin. I haven’t always done things the right way as far as my body goes, but I never gave up and now I’ve come to a place where I know how to navigate it

If you’re ever feeling frustrated with how to achieve the results you want in your physique or nutrition don’t give up...the road blocks that you run into will help you get there. Figure out what works for you...for your body, your lifestyle, and your goals

One more thing!!! I totally forgot to share with you guys that you’re looking at a newly certified Autoimmune protocol coach! Yep! Through the terrible flu, packing, and moving I squeezed in my exam and passed 🙌🏼 Most of all, I never thought my struggles would turn into a passion, but here I am and can’t wait to help others who struggle with autoimmune achieve wellness and quality of life through diet and lifestyle! #happyhumpday🐫 #hashimotosthyroiditis #autoimmunewarrior #leakygutsyndrome #thyroidhealth #autoimmunewellness #selflove

The ☀️ is shining, my picture is washed out and it doesn’t bother me one bit! Started my week off with a full body workout and felt a lot stronger today. Feels sooo good to get this body moving after being sick with the worst flu and taking a month off.
It’s no secret I’ve been struggling with a lot this year and I’m desperately trying to turn things around. Although I do believe that sometimes you just have to weather the storm because life has its seasons and reasons. One of the things I’m doing is starting and ending my day with saying what I’m grateful for....today I’m grateful for my health and being able to move because just a few weeks ago I could barely do anything. What are you grateful for today? #hashimotosdisease #autoimmunedisease #autoimmunewarrior #autoimmunewellness #thyroidhealth #leakygut

Looks like I found my temporary workout space! Felt so good to get a little movement in. Being off for almost a month made it tough to start back up again, but just gotta push through that beginning phase. Happiest Sunday! Hoping for a productive week getting my workouts and nutrition in consistently and feeling more like myself. #autoimmunewellness #athomeworkouts #backontrack #momswholift #newbegginings #thyroidhealth #fitnessroutine

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