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Davis Bell  Interpreting what I see. Exploring nostalgia. Storyteller. Currently: Oahu.

Parting shots of Haiku basking in the morning sun. #thehomeseries

Dusk in Wyoming. An old road in September. I was looking for answers that may not exist. The road was old but discarded. It wasn’t efficient, it wandered instead of laying straight. A jack rabbit sat in the old grass, unmoving, not scared , but watching my steps. Behind me the fields stretched out, empty, vast, all the way to where I can’t see, and then beyond that. I wanted to ask the old station what it had seen. Where had the long haulers gone? Was the coffee good? What did you hear in 1972 at the counter in March as the snow fell outside? I wanted to save it. I stood for a minute and this was in my head. Me, my dog, my girl, and the jack rabbit on an old road in Wyoming.

We are always faced with challenges. Sometimes those challenges are actually just idiots.

Thank you for making this last trip home so amazing. I needed to reconnect with a part of my home that I haven’t thought of in a long time. Thanks to everyone who made the time to connect and share in one way or another, the power of your intention was heartfelt and made me appreciate our far flung community : @damientharp @themisterparker @olive_boutique @littlelynz @seanbrady808 @tahitihuetter @mallams @treehousehawaii @sriphotos808 @linnymorris @lawaia.eye @dannycasler @duanedesoto @bitplay_official @ginnyuyesugi @dannymoore808 @da_rulk @hulamoon @robyjb3 @joshuarasheed @jabird43

In between worlds right now. Searching to find inspiration, insight, and patience. I hope you’ll come along.

I have this idea about our islands. I call it the Lifeboat Standard. You see, a lifeboat is limited in its occupancy because of space, resources, and for safety reasons. Too many people in a lifeboat and it will become unstable, it may tip over, sink. People it is meant to sustain may end up getting hurt or killed. The ability to effectively manage the safety of each occupant diminishes with each person that climbs on board. Vehicles have a load limit. Commercial and retail businesses have an occupancy limit. Night clubs, stadiums, buses etc etc. It’s common sense. Yet our islands are treated as if there is an infinite supply of space and water and land and food. We keep adding more and more people onto our little ship out here in the sea, and do nothing to offset the impact to our infrastructure, our natural spaces, and our valuable resources not to mention the cost of living. Instead of pacing our growth in order to ensure security and proper distribution of resources amongst our residents, we have just opened the floodgates. Many say we are in a bubble. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a bubble that didn’t burst. Fortunately there are some folks that are nurturing the people, the land, and the culture that so many people come here to experience. While our beaches continue to get trashed, our mountain trails continue to be destroyed , while our water table continues to diminish and the ability for the hard working locals to simply put a roof over their heads becomes a challenge, there is a growing generation that will be stepping in to right the wrongs of those short sighted “leaders”. Duane DeSoto is one of those heeding the call. Thank you @duanedesoto for sharing so much knowledge. (Lens= Rokkor X 45mm f2) #lr_people

Seeing familiar places for the first time.

Never enough Sundays.

Someone told me that the puka on top of that cliff can be lined up perfectly with the sun during sunrise. Apparently I needed to be on the other side of the cliff to make that happen. (Shot with @bitplay_official lenses) #TheRiseOfLegacyShooters

When metal is life, but you also have to dig a trench.(music by Skull Fist/ @skullfistofficialgram ,Trencher by Brave, shirt by @metroflexlbc / @manbehindmetroflex , gas by @texaco, shoes by @converse , location provided by @myparents . Special thanks to the guy in the S10 who let me merge on the freeway.)

Do you have a favorite spot to sit, unwind, and reflect on your life? Spending time with my new camera.

The remnants of obsolescence. Nature always wins.

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