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Davis Bell  Commercial/Editorial/Reportage(🎬📷🎥)Let me tell you a story.

Most of the time I'm chasing light. Looking for something in the now that can transport me to a place in my past for a moment. Currently I'm finding the best meditation for this is outside the city. I like to take the side roads, the old routes, the two lane blacktop. I was talking with @kevinselection about life in Los Angeles and the sheer volume of people that exist in a 30 mile area. I stood there in that small studio listening to his take on it, on people, on inspiration, on how the variations in place can actually have a profound affect on the way a person creates. So, I'm looking back at this place I visited and I'm realizing that I'm not trying to control what's in front of me, ( I'm not going to jump on any visual bandwagon obviously) but the way that moment resonates with me is how I'll let it happen. I hope you will do the same. I hope that with every thing you create it is a great unveiling of what your searching for.

Ok. I've answered the challenge @chilberg ! Seeing @rockykanaka do the #squatyourdogchallenge motivated me! I'm calling out @manbehindmetroflex @geoffreyjamesclark @justindlovato to jump on board!

As requested! My old friend @thesmallhands_ had recently moved to LA and I thought it would be perfect to photograph him on a sunny beach at the wreck of a small yacht. If that's not a metaphor for life, I don't know what is. Thank you @sriphotos808 @msenna @tommedvedich @cols2thewall @bloobelle50 @hulamoon @monicahugonola @nathanhindmanphotography @ridingsmystyle @sparkymark562 for playing!

Hey gang! It's that time again. Comment below and tell me what I should post next: landscape, portrait, or urbex. The genre that gets the most mentions will be posted on Wednesday!

A sound that is Los Angeles. A sound that is complex yet easy to understand. A sound that is so exotic but feels like a comfortable summer afternoon spent with good friends. That is @chicanobatman . I could've spent hours listening to each instrument as it ran through the tracks. Vocals taking me back to late night Motown sounds. As the tunes emerge from the studio speakers I'm taken on a drive through Los Angeles sometime in the past. Sun filtering through tall palm trees, colorful bungalows along the street, no worries, looking forward to the longer days. Mahalo for the staycation guys.

Familiar and uncharted at the same time, @kevinmorby spins clever literature with each track. The sound filled studio could easily have been a portal to the passenger seat of an old truck as it meandered the back roads of upstate New York in the cooling Fall season, or a summer evening with friends on green grass amongst catalpa trees. The warm lights of the old house inviting and lived in. Thanks Kevin, hope the allergies ease up.

A little departure from travel outside and instead I turn my lens to the journey inside. Spent an evening filming @briantcity with @da_rulk , both these guys brought it to the next level, pushed beyond what they thought they could do and went deep into the realm of what they envisioned themselves doing. Non stop, no quitting until the task was done. Amazing to see the work put in and the heart behind it all. Short film story coming soon.

When I was little we were pretty broke. Living in a small duplex on a side road in Kaimuki. One of those old, narrow lanes lined with 1940s era Hawaii cottages, you know, lava rock patio and single wall construction, usually with cement stairs to the front door painted red. The avenue was probably a quaint cut through to Waikiki before H-1 ran over it. Paper thin wood board walls, old asphalt driveway that was more rocks than pavement, on pier and post so when the wind was strong you could feel a breeze through the floor. My mom was at the start of her career at Outrigger hotels and my dad had just left the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to go into private practice. The afternoons here were the best. Late day sun pouring in the Ewa side windows. The street was always quiet then. Safe. The hypnotic stirring of hibiscus leaves as the breeze also carried with it the scent of charcoal grills getting warmed up. The sounds of Leon Russell, Stevie Wonder, or The Rolling Stones spilling out of the old speakers and meandering through the jalousie windows. My moms used Pinto and dads old Celica parked in the driveway but always to the side with enough room for me to play. I don't wish to go back to those days, but I do always try and find them.

There was a little path hidden in the shade along side the winding road. The wind had finally calmed and the day, hovering in that long sleeved shirt realm of cool warmth , made the detour welcome. Cool and almost dark the path etched into the forest. Overhung with those branches and propped up by countless thickets and low brush. I hoped we would catch sight of the sea and feel that ocean air as it rose up the warm cliff faces. We were not disappointed as the cove greeted us with a gracious and beckoning palette.

Well, this weekends exploration was a total let down. It was nice to walk, completely un-disturbed , around these historic hallways and grounds. Better luck on the next outing.

Part of the fun is not knowing where you'll end up.

Been watching @justinjenny and his travels around the US lately. He's a funny, real, and truthful dude. His gallery is great and his instastories are the best. So, inspired by Justin, here's a way back Wednesday post from last years great American crossing.

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