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Davis Bell  Commercial/Editorial/Reportage(🎬📷🎥)Let me tell you a story.

As the longer and longer day reached its zenith our questions still grew. Digital maps set aside, the old pavement and macadam singing hymns as we roll past the seldom seen and oft forgotten. Who is the hunter, seeking the treasure we were assured of? The answers roamed, hidden behind those hills and the hills beyond that. Under the sky, on this road.

The Greatness of Being Outside. Experience it live in your area this weekend. Check your local natural areas for showtimes.

Dreams of the endless road, finding that “off the beaten path” and taking it. Highway 1 along the coast of the Golden State is like that. Once you get North of Marin things change. The air cools down. The road gets less and less crowded. The trees begin to stretch towards the moody sky. Hills lay to the East, rich in minerals and traversed by all manner of creatures. Bear, Mountain Lion, Elk,Coyote, Vulture and Condor all abound. As the road clings to the cliffs, dipping down to towns nestled in coves amongst cypress and redwoods, the vastness of the coast consumes you. As you crest the hill into Mendocino the air in May sits heavy with the scent of rain and jasmine. Continue on and you’ll find black sand beaches and tumultuous seas that make you consider the frailty of man.

The clouds hung low, obscuring the mountain range and snow covered peaks. Streams ran crystal clear across the fields. Their gentle sound as they toppled over stones, around roots, towards some greater destiny the only noise as we stood beyond the gate, in the grass, gazing across the lands. My people came from farmers. Hot sun labor. Cold October preparations. March anticipation. I think of my Grand Uncle and the old tractor sitting beside the barn. There was a horse too, it was struck by lightning, there were no more horses after that.That legacy remains only in ink and tall tales now. So…… Here we are, on this field. Old stones and water and grass in this swale. All those grand accomplishments seem a misty memory as I stare at the clouds beginning to re-form, giving me a brief glimpse of my smallness as they effortlessly hide the mountain tops from my eyes.

Along the sheltered bay sat the old town. Green hills and the well worn road guide us along the slough. Tug boats sit idle along the old docks. The windows of once grand homes look out across the Coos Bay, perhaps waiting for one last ship to come in from the unending sea. The wind has finally relented and the night has a crispness to it. The docks are quiet, the industrious have all gone home. I stand on a set of train tracks listening to the quiet of this Southern Oregon town. A town of tragedy and power all at once. As I stand and reflect, prepare for my tomorrow, a cold wind ripples the waters of the bay.

Steady the course everybody. Let's make this week a good one.

Small weekend interlude. #WHPreflections

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Hey gang! Come and give me and my pals over at @Stateology a peek and a like or two this weekend. I'll be posting up some stories and pictures from my quick trip up the coast.

On my first cross country road trip I had 3 tapes that I played continuously in my Walkman. Facelift, Master of Puppets, and Badmotorfinger. Those albums set the sonic background as we drove across Big Sky country and through the Badlands tracing the footsteps of those who had long since passed. Being from Hawaii I could only speculate that the sounds I was hearing were the soundtrack of the vast and lonely spaces I was seeing unfurled before my eyes, and what I was feeling inside at that time in my life. The Seattle sound changed the course of so many lives. It lifted the lid off the corporate pot and the upheaval felt by the masses forever altered the way so many hold the value of music. Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley and so many more. #chriscornell

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