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Christopher Dziedzic  My dad will beat your dad in combat at the Walmart of your choice. @foe_hammer is my everyday source of vitamins and minerals I'm 9125+ days young

I will never forget all the times you pranked me by hiding behind something when I would come into the house ,or all of the clever retorts you had to anything ever said ,you were one of the absolute loves of my entire life,I'm going to miss all the times we would laugh and joke around ,I'm gonna miss you poking fun at me because you were so good at it,I'm going to miss you ,and I may have lost you and grampa ,two of my absolute best friends ,but the thought that you are finally on your date in the sky and happy again is enough to keep a smile on my face ,I love you and always will,til we meet again for our ice cream date ,I will hold memories fondly of the two of you in my heart,I'll miss you my best both made me a better man and thank you


You were my best friend and the best grandfather ,thank you for all of your wisdom and all of the jokes ,rest easy big wheel,I will carry you with me for the rest of my days here,I love you and I will see you again a long time from now in a place far away from here

Happy anniversary @craigrg31 ,one whole year living together and we have managed not to kill each other ,though we get mistaken for a couple or find ourselves in some questionable situations,you are one of my best friends and I am happy we met ,also fuck you.

Also he is single.
Wife him up.


My journey to self love and appreciation.thank you for joining me. #thisisme #selflove #peptalk

New fit , who dis?


Some of the best times ive had in my life ive spent with some of my best friends , I miss these days but im glad I had them with you guys. nervous system 2k15
@warryhoods @foe_hammer @dead_flag_blues @buttstallion69

Im officially a soundcloud rapper.this is what happens when you are bored and your boy can write fire beats for you to do dumb shit over

Everything is fun with you,even though idk how to take pictures and you think i walk like a duck,thank you for being a nerd and hanging out with me

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