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Wing Sze  I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker.

這幾年覺得生活壓力特別大,怎麼說呢,總要經歷些什麼才能長大吧。很欣慰的是,我需要的時候,我放在心上的友情,都在為我排憂解難。這個世界上從來不缺在你得意的時候祝賀的人,難得的是當你遇到困難的時候不曾離去的人。 ​​​


陽光這麼好,何必自尋煩惱。 ​ ​​​


When you have a 'normal child, he has good grades, you're happy. When he does what we ask him, we're happy. But "normal" is a joy, although, of course, it is your duty.
But when we have a child with certain limits, each learning may be longer than the other child or that certain aspects of learning never happens.
I would like to ask you a favor on an important subject: this is the week of special education, Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD , Slow Learner. For all children who struggle every day to succeed and those who are trying to help them. It would be good to teach our children to be kind and accept all the classmates. Children with special needs are not different. They want what everyone else wants: to be accepted!!!
Can I make a request? Copy and paste this in honor of all children who are unique, but different. We'll see who has a strong heart. Please, do not share. Copy and paste. Believe it or not, we need it. Every child is unique and different and that's what makes the beauty of the world.
❤️❤️❤️ All human has different strengths and weaknesses. Being weak in some aspects doesn't mean they are incapable. There is a wide spectrum of specialties in this world and all are valuable. Please respect all kinds of abilities, your support (at least in attitude) makes a big difference.



轉眼表弟結婚了,真的好開心的一天!恭喜你呀!디푸 테이블❤️축하 해요!Your so beautiful today!! Horrods我還清楚記得小時候一起玩的情景!細個我成日話要抱你,你同我講表姐你抱不起我的,因為你太重。細個你真的是肥仔,今天你fit到差不多要爆肌!Anyway,Wish you both with love, to bind up with each other, treat each other with understanding and care to share the pain and joy in the future. We pray for the life of conjugal bliss to tie the knot! Congratulations❤️❤️

2017 第一輯拍攝便遇上了好的攝影師

Makeup: @wonghching @hhhelloj
Photo : @stonewongphoto

人生就是一本書,封面是父母給的,內容是自己寫的,厚度可能不完全由本人決定,但精彩程度卻是自己創造,至於有多少人閱讀,就看我們能影響多少人、尊重多少人、成就多少人,️ 人生不會虧待我們,我們所付出的一切,會練就成熟而堅強的自己,唯有累過方知閒,唯有苦過方知甜,所以每日要努力學習,不斷提升!

Photo + makeup : Wong Hching

每次你把我變得很不一樣,很喜歡每次幫我化的妝。謝謝你❤️ @wonghching

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