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Richard Wingo  1 of 4 members of the best R&B group in the world 🌎 Jagged Edge

Go get your merch now! #jeyall

Gonna be a really Dope project, and a ton of gospel and R&B artists on it

New Merch Alert! Go get u some of your favorite groups gear! Use the promo code WINGOJE to get that discount! Love Y’all and thanks in advance 🙏🏾#jeyall

Word? Lol 😂 oh they done caught Wing at his mamas house, just checkin in #collegepark #pinetree

Stop by Greenbriar and my bros @djinfamous and @therealdjjelly rockin for this @puma event! They got it Lit 🔥 over there, I gotta get me some of them summer Pumas

New Album on the way! Jagged Love Story, dropping soon album #10

Happy Birthday to one of the coolest guys I know @qparker112 Hope you enjoy your day bro bro! 🙏🏾

New Single out now! Closest Thing To Perfect! #jeyall #album10

New Single Closets Thing To Perfect! Out Now! Thank Y’all for the support! #jeyall

Y’all know I Love y’all, so im not making any promises but what if you could hear a Jagged Edge& Usher song? Again im just thinking 🤔 about some Crazyness, sorry guys

We leave it all on the stage! No Cap 🧢

What I told y’all! State Champs way to go guys! #tricites #eastpoint #winorgohome #bulldawgnation

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