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Good drill you can try to practice punching and footwork, from @vtcombatscience
Having good footwork is crucial in wing chun. One of the most important things to learn is how to close the distance, utilizing kicks and footwork. Practice until you can move comfortably and with speed...

The ebb and flow of offense and defense in Chi Sao #Repost @jasonnimit with @repostapp
Some more footage of Chi sao (sticky hands). Erick got me good a couple times in here, which means that there's always things to learn and improve no matter the skill level. I prefer to be aggressive stepping in a lot with all my attacks, however, this means that a person with good defense/counter can set up attacks if my ability to react and recounter isn't good. If your style is attack oriented, you must have a solid defense and be ready to react to the counter. #wonglongwingchun #wingchun #chisao #chisau #attack #defend #ipman

Training footage from @nihattural
When you're attacking, always mix up high and low attacks. Attacking only one area makes your attacks predictable. But if you mix attacks to the head with body, chest, neck, knees, etc then it's much harder for your opponent to read and defend your attacks

Working the gan sao with @wingchun_dave
When you're blocking hooks, always try to block while punching with the other hand. Also be aware of the other hand following up the first punch

Jkd trapping from @urbancombatacademy
When you attack or block, always change. Never stop with a single movement. The situation and your opponent's technique is always changing, and so should your technique... A lot of people make this mistake, they get hit simply because they don't change or don't change fast enough...

Quick demo from @wingchuncombatcyprus
Bong is great for when your arm is under a strike. Jum is used when the strike is under the arm, usually towards the chest area. Using the right move in each situation makes a ton of difference in effectiveness...

What did you guys think of the Mcgregor vs Mayweather fight?
. . .
Quick tip: Keep changing. When you throw out an attack, don't try to force it in when your opponent blocks. Instead, switch to another technique that works well in that situation. The best practitioners are those that are fluid and reacts to the opponent while using good techniques. They're always changing and adjusting to the situation.
Video from @wong_long_wing_chun

Wooden dummy forms, Repost from @hillwingchun
Sections 4-7 of the wooden dummy form. Stay relaxed and don't forget to breathe properly. Have a good day, practitioners! 🙏

Wing chun pad work from @sisuk.burak.piskin
Focus mitt drills are good for developing reflexes, timing, and accuracy. It also helps you with the technique since it's easier to tell if you didn't get in a good strike. Although tools like mits, gloves, headgears, etc didn't exist back then, it's a good idea to utilize them if it improves the quality of training

Self defense move you guys can try from @realdealjiujitsu
"Wing Jitsu street application technique. Someone grabs your arm from behind, the arm that's pulled is always the side you step back with first. Rotating the arm round by twisting from the hips allows you to turn and face ready to attack. I push into the arm to break the grip allowing me to strike. The open hand strike can also be used for a nice throat squeeze if you don't want to strike 👊"

Pretty cool wooden dummy design. Probably cheaper as well. If you're on a budget, as we mentioned in the last video, you can make your own pvc dummy. Get one about the same size as the wooden body, cut the holes, and buy the wooden arms and leg. You can make your own stand as well
Video from @eder_fontana

Freestyle on the dummy, from @khanthavongsay
The dummy is an awesome tool for self practice. When you practice in the air, there's no resistance and nothing to hit. Whereas on the dummy you can practice hitting it while staying relaxed. It's easier to check your moves and structure as well... If you're on a budget, you can build one with pvc, just buy the wooden arms and legs

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