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Winfrey Opticz 📸😈🔥  Based in Memphis, TN Email: Other pages: @_.winfrey._ | @wozstudio

I don’t even care about analytics anymore x @gab_nicol3 x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

I gotta finish this set x @gab_nicol3 x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

I’m finally back to editing photos. Good thing I only have 3 shoots to catch up on... x @gab_nicol3 x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

Neu Roses is always going to be a great song x @goldlawdina x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

How many white shirt shoots have you seen before.? @goldlawdina x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

Who actually looks at other people’s highlights.? @goldlawdina x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

Should I start doing more shoots in the studio? x @justice_blaylock | @faceof_justice x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

Tell me... is this bad timing? x @justice_blaylock | @faceof_justice x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

This is the most voted on photo in my stories to date... x @justice_blaylock | @faceof_justice x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

Weekends are never long enough... x @foreignxvibess | @foreignxvibez x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

It’s a photo link up today... should I go? x @foreignxvibess | @foreignxvibez x @winfreyopticz | @wozstudio | @_.winfrey._

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