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Refreshment is essential in this weather ☀️ and what better to quench your thirst than Sherry. At Oloroso in Philadelphia there are 22 on offer. Cocktails more your speed?🍹Sherry provides a saline theme for the cocktail list - try the Pata Blanca, a pear scented combination of gin, Atxa Blanc vermouth and Amontillado.

Whether wine drinkers are choosing based on taste or reputation, the popularity of pale Provençal pinks on the marketplace has had one clear effect: light-colored rosés have become de rigueur—to the point where vintners feel pressured to keep colors light. •

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Near Cambridge, Massachusetts? Don't walk, run 🏃🏽 to Les Sablons. Located in the Conductor's Building, sommelier Lauren Daddona designed a wine list around what was in fashion when the structure was built. #bordeaux #burgundy #germany hello Haut- Brion and Barth rieslings !

Our August issue is on sale now! Assyrtiko moves to the mainland 🇬🇷 Five growers to watch in Ribera del Duero 🇪🇸 New classics from the Canary Islands 🇮🇨 and bubbles, lots of bubbles 🍾 from the best prosecco to use in sparkling cocktails to Alpine sparklers🥂

Can a growing chorus of believers make Chianti cool again?

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Only recently, as winegrowers have pulled back on ripeness and oak treatments, has the true identity of Chilean carmenère begun to emerge •

Read all about it in Carmenère Comes Out | A fresh identity for Chile's signature red by @patricioatapia

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Announcing W&S BuyList - a curated selection of wines that have been recently recommended by our critics. Each month we will pick a topic based on tastings that caught our attention. First up: ROSÉ

As long as it's rosé, and as long as it's refreshing, our critics and tasters are opening delicious wines across a spectrum of pink, from pale to almost red.

Discover some new favorites through the link in our bio #rosé #roséallday

Some pairings are tried and true: Muscadet and oysters, Champagne and caviar, Sauternes and foie gras, Barolo and truffles. But these classic pairings aren't everyday food. 🍕 Pizza is 🍕
So we took it to the streets and tasked 8 NYC retailers with finding pizza's perfect partner. 🍷 🍕 🍷 🍕
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While exploring #LosAngeles for a new West Coast office, LA native @s_k_johnson and @patcisco roamed Downtown #DTLA to check out its many emerging neighborhoods and ended up in the Arts District. 🎨 🐻 🥖🍷🍻🥃
A teeming enclave for some of the most exciting food and drink trends in the city, check the link in our bio for the scoop.

Canned wine: freeing wine drinkers from rules, dinner tables and bottle openers

See how canned wines are taking off 🚀 Link in bio

At W&S we put a tasting panel to the test - 23 canned sparkling wines and spritzers. Why? Because we can, can, can. Yes we can, can, can can

And because we figured there is no better application for a can than as a portable, lightweight, single serving of bubbles.

Check out our findings through the link in our bio

Lighter bodied wines with power- that's what John Stanley of Stanley's Wet Goods likes to drink so that is what he has stocked his shop with. Stop in to pick up or uncork Bichi's Pet-Nat, a sparkling wine from Baja or Golden Cluster's "Ode to Chuck" Coury Semillon from an Oregon vineyard planted in 1966.

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