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Clément 클레멍  French Sommelier 소믈리에🍷 Zero Complex - Seoul With a lovely Korean wife @iam_lena Vins vivants 내추럴 와인

Champagne "Sainte-Anne" by Chartogne-Taillet, by the glass now and probably for the weeks to come ! 2014 vintage base, 50/50 Pinot Noir/Chardonnay, super lively and straight, but ripe and expressive, lot of lime, and quince and oyster shell, with a chalky texture. A great aperitif Champagne. Love it !
125ml / 25,000₩ and this is a good deal ! (750ml / 145,000₩, which is not a bad deal too)

Say hello to the very first natural Alsace Pinot Noir available in Korea ! And it's an amazing one ! "Pinot Boir" (don't ask me why) 2016 by Antoine Kreydenweiss : made from whole bunches, a BOMB of Pinot, ripe and fresh, sour black cherries, musk, roots, roses, herbs.. velvety and soft texture, super fruit, juicy feeling and bright acidity, more than easy-going, absolutely everything I love about Pinot Noir ! I could drink it non-stop ! Plus, plus, a very "good" price (for Korea). Was waiting for a while to see a natural Pinot from Alsace (my homeland) here and it's certainly the first of a long serie as Schueller, Meyer, Binner.. are already scheduled ! Other new Kreydenweiss delicacies arrived too : Riesling Clos Rebberg, Pinot Gris Grand Cru Moenchberg, new vintage of Riesling Andlau and Pinot Blanc,...

2/2 Special day, special wine ! Got this beautiful bottle of Arbois from Bruyere-Houillon to enjoy on our wedding anniversary. A huge thanks to @vin.jay who remembered that this is one of Lena's favorite wine ! What a treat ! Pure, tense, bright and aerial with a high acidity and minerality. Just as we like it ! Perfect with Exquisine food !

1/2 Exquisine @exquisine_seoul may be my new favorite restaurant here ! We had the good idea to go there with @iam_lena to celebrate our wedding anniversary ! I didn't have any expectations so it was a real surprise. The place itself doesn't look very fancy (and is not) but I dare to say that the level of the food is amongst the best you can get in Seoul, especially for this price and even more knowing that the chef is working alone in his kitchen ! Every dishes we had were deep in taste and perfectly balanced, the choice and combinations of ingredients were perfect and the cooking on point. Mainly on the Korean flavours side (but not only) with some fun and creativity. The pork Wellington was a killer, seriously, I could go again just for it ! The chef's talent was screaming in every dishes and I was very impressed. I can't wait to go for diner and taste what he can do with a higher budget !

Buddies from Jajakistan ! Edouard Laffitte (Le Bout du Monde) and Loïc Roure (Domaine du Possible) are ruling on this imaginary wine land in the middle of Roussillon ! Syrah, Grenache, Carignan... blended or not, different styles but a common direction : freshness, fruit and bright living expressions, mostly through carbonic macerations. I have a crush for "Tam-Tam" 2014 that offers beautiful Syrah features once the reduction disappears and "Hop'là" 2013 that is a real juicy fruit bomb ! I only regret that the 2015 from Loïc Roure are so sensitive to oxygen, they are delightful and shinning at opening, generous and intense, but have to be drank very quickly before they turn bad (within 30 minutes). But not a problem if you're a fast drinker ;) ! Plus all of them are sold at very "affordable" prices for natural wines in Korea !

Some things you can get in Korea ! Was lucky enough to grab a few of them to put on the list (I was never able to catch some when I was in France..!) But damn too young right now, Cotat wines need time.. Let's be wise and wait for a while before selling them ! Patience !

No natural Beaujolais Nouveau available in Korea but we found few things to compensate ! #beaujolaispasnouveau

Quatre ans ! 오늘 결혼기념일 이에요 ! It's been four years today that Lena and me are married ! It's hard to believe how fast time passed, still feel like a newly married couple, learning more from you everyday ! Je t'aime chou, 사랑해요 ♡

Bim badaboum ! Three new wines from Ganevat have just been released in Korea ! "L'Ailleurs", "Y'a Bon The Canon" and "De Toute Beauté". Those are from the négoce Jean-François created with his sister, those are available in super small quantities here (like 48 bottles of "L'Ailleurs"..), but still we are lucky to get some ! And the best thing about it is that they are all tasting truly great right now, no reduction, clean, bright and intense ! Plus a Ganevat line-up, as small as it is, never looks bad on a wine list ! I'll share some tasting notes soon

Insane ! What a wine, one of the most fascinating one I drank recently ! "Vol à Voile" 2013 by Dominique Derain, Chardonnay from Bourgogne raised for 4 years in used Vin Jaune barrel (not exactly sure about the whole winemaking process). Though the nose is quite monotone the palate is a firework ! It got all the stunning features of a Vin Jaune, the walnut and curry taste, the acidity, the iodine touch, but the surprise comes from the texture, a round and generous texture, buttery and ripe, very far from the sharp and bone-dry Vin Jaune. This produces a crazy contrast with the oxidative characteristics and an amazing balance, plus the ultra-long finish, truly impressive ! A wow-wine !

2015, new vintage of "Bigotes", the "little" Chardonnay from the negoce of by Frederic Cossard (Domaine de Chassorney). Every different vintages of Bigotes seem to be radically different : 2013 was crazy, with a dark color, dry orange nose and lot of sediment / 2014 was surprisingly classic, buttery and ripe with an evident oaky touch (I liked it though) enough to beat any "great" Bourgogne blind-tasted / then 2015 is a good balance between raw style and classic feeling : still a bit reductive nose on green lime and roasted sesame, but the palate is superb, citrusy, fleshy, ripe, a little bit toasted, with lot of energy and life ! It reminds me of the good Chardonnay from Ganevat or Pacalet. It will be a great wine once the nose will be in place !

Mega combo !! The cult "downgraded" Viré-Clessé 2011 by Domaine Valette (also named "Je me suis fait Viré.." for a short time..!) + a rare bottle of "Les Terres Blanches" 2012, Chenin Blanc from Anjou by Stephane Bernaudeau ! It's amazing how good and how much Bourgogne-like is "Et Pourtant.." right now, it was absolut nonsense to downgrade it to Vin de France.. And "Les Terres Blanches" is a lesson of balance : ripe, tense and saline. Just perfect ! Thank you Philippe and Chloé @ibizawinebrothers for sharing them, I see that you travel with the very necessary !

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