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Today we are celebrating Paloma’s last day of going to the shop with me. After a year and a half, we are both so ready for her new chapter at school where she will be with her brother and pops. It might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people but taking her to work with me for this long will go down as one of my proudest achievements and I’m so lucky to have been in a space where we could make it work.

Been too cold to ride a bike and too windy to wear a hat but we are sure as hell going to plant the garden this weekend if it’s the last thing we do. #springtimeintherockies

It’s been five years since I opened my shop. It started out as a little Etsy page and has grown into a brick & mortar, a website, and a blog that I put my heart and soul into every day. It ebbs and flows, gets busy then slow, and is constantly challenging me to learn, adapt and go with the flow. #ad I’m grateful for businesses like @godaddy that have the tools to help me evolve with my business. I have been using their bookkeeping program for a couple of years now and would be lost without it. Here’s to another five years of growth in all aspects of life! #maketheworldyouwant #GoDaddyTribe

We were so excited to find a hatching egg under one of our broody hens yesterday. We left them in their nest box to let nature work it’s magic. Shortly after our visit, the egg was stolen by some other chicken and destroyed by the rest of them. I was pretty devastated and disgusted but am also taking it as another lesson that we will all grow from. Next time around we’ll isolate the hen and her eggs when they start cracking or even a day or two before and hope for a much more peaceful process. Props to all you farmers who deal with life and death so frequently to bring the rest of us nourishment.

I didn’t think I could love Springtime anymore until I got to see it through the eyes of my children.

It took a while for them to get to this point but now she’s his wild little shadow and I just don’t know what they would do without each other.

Where I woke for my fourth Mother’s Day Sunday with so much to be grateful for.

Completely unrelated to this photo but Im still tearing up over that latest Arthur (PBS cartoon) episode where Mr. Ratburn marries Patrick, the local chocolatier. #loveislove

His and Hers matching Stetsons. #sorrynotsorry #itsastetson

Whiskey with a side of Montana tulips please.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!

I love the quiet morning moment when the sun peaks over the mountain and the kids are still sleep, just as I love the chaos that is soon to follow. It’s my yin and yang.

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