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Wind  Wind, a California native, photographer, crocheter, writer, beach, ocean, forest, mountain, hiking, animal lover who captures life on Instagram.

#CrownRanch even though it's hot I can smell Fall is the air. #BackyardBliss

#Brutus our African Spurred Tortoise coming out to get some dinner. He is a beast, eats like a horse. #HandsomeBoy #BigBoy #AfricanSpurredTortoise #Tortoise #Rescue

Famalamaily! Uncle Ricky's 60th birthday.

Beautiful Aunt Maryann, my Nina. Uncle Ricky's 60th Birthday party.

My parents are pretty much the coolest people ever. #CoolestParents Uncle Ricky's 60th birthday party.

Uncle Ricky's 60th!

#Aunt Terry and grandma Char.

Uncle Ricky's 60th birthday! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚

Uncle Rafer and I. Ha ha, that wig is legit!

Uncle Rafer and Uncle Ricky rocking these awesome wigs! Ha ha! Love it! Happy 60th Uncle Ricky!

#Beautiful Baylee! So good t see you love!

Party at Uncle Ricky's. Then and was awesome!

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