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💚Libby  •🌿Aussie green-inspired Mum of 2 ✨Second Grader & a Crawler🐣#breastfeeding #clothnappies •🌿I speak for the trees @WytheandBerry • 🐷🌍Compassion 4 All🐄🌲

Go New York Islanders🏒, right? You’d think but ah the struggles of an 8-year-old, Miles has wanted to play ice-hockey for years, so when this opportunity came up that he could play on a beginning program we signed him up! Alas, first day and with him not being able to skate very well, he now keeps saying he does not want to play anymore, and he is not going back💔!! Any suggestions to help encourage him onto the ice next week, as what I am saying so far seems to be falling on deaf ears🤷🏻‍♀️?

Happy 8th birthday 🎈presents for a beautiful little boy, from a hippy-dippy-mum!

I mean, how cute is a baby in Aviators🙈

Little stop at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and Story just doesn’t look too sure does she?
But, Miles really likes carrying her around, I give in some times and let him, even though I worry he is going to drop her, I just can’t help it🙈.

How we cloth nappy when we travel, whenever I shower🚿, I rinse & wash out the used ones & then hang them out to dry. I take at least 10 nappies each time, this trip though I brought a few more. As a back-up I also have a handful of 100% biodegradable disposable inserts to put in the outer shells for those times where I know it is going to be tricky to wash & dry in a timely manner.
With distraught estimates of each baby going through 6000+ nappies in a life time that DO NOT biodegrade if disposable & sit in a landfill forever, plus the bleach + synthetic chemicals that a baby sits in 24/7 till they are potty trained..... and of course the plastic wrap the nappies come in 🤷🏻‍♀️... I could go on & on.... maybe I think too much about it, but for me taking this extra time & effort makes me feel in tune with being an eco-conscious mum & doing what I can do right now to lead a gentler life on this planet we call home🌏.
What about you can/do you cloth nappy🙌🏻, or do you think this is just nuts😂?

Who knew?? Currently on a road trip with the fam driving from San Fran to Santa Monica..... we left yesterday afternoon say around 5PM deciding to drive down the coast choosing the scenic route. After dinner & aquarium in Monterey, we ended up hitting the treacherous part of Highway 1 going through Big Sur. First of all hubby & I had both had only heard of Big Sur & had absolutely no idea what it entails. But we realized pretty quick that it was too dangerous to be driving on in pitch dark, with gnarly turns & high cliffs on the Ocean edge... & even though we could not see her I knew it was a full moon🌕so that played on my mind.
So, after realizing we had no cell service, and beyond turning back & recognizing we couldn’t keep going... we started the process of finding somewhere to stay, which was challenging being summer... thankfully we finally found somewhere otherwise we might have been sleeping in the car.
This morning we still took it easy on the roads, there was a lunatic who overtook us in a Porsche, and 10 minutes further down the road he’d crashed, lucky he did not go over the edge of the cliffs but his car was totalled!!! We stopped past a 15,000 strong elephant seal colony which was so amazing to see these creatures in a natural habitat, saw stunning tall eucalyptus and conifer trees, it was so beautiful, and such an unexpected adventure but wow that part of the coast is so crazy to drive along🙌🏻, have you driven it?

Happy Birthday to me today, my first birthday being a mum of two, getting used to it now🙏🏻.
And, our first time as mother & daughter wearing matching outfits, here’s to many more faahionista outfits, and birthdays, and laughter, and love🎈🎈!

Guys, this phase of Story putting everything in her mouth, is driving me batty🦇🦇, and it is so scary!
Not so much with a big 🍅, but the little things.... we have to watch her like a hawk.
When will it pass, I cannot remember from when Miles was a baby?

Have been quiet I know, but I needed a break from insta, well from tech all together.... for a few reasons.
We found out a year ago that Miles has a condition that pays a little havoc on his emotional handling capabilities (among other symptoms), and while I don’t want to get to deep into it right now, with his recent blood work back a few weeks ago, one of the things his pediatrician told us we can do at home to help him is to reduce his exposure to EMF’s.... so phones have been distant and off when possible, and I am going to take it one step further this week and start unplugging our modem at night, I mean why do we need it on while sleeping anyway?
So instead, we’ve been doing more outdoory activities like spending time in my medicinal garden collecting elderberries to make into an immune-supporting syrup. And, focusing on his motor skills with drawing, a ton of reading & story telling.
Miles is going to be ok, but it is going to be a journey, one that already is at times challenging for him (+ me🤫) for sure... however faced head-on with love, and the more we learn, the more we understand and are able to respond with patience & understanding.💕
Mothering is intense, but there is no stopping it, not for me anyway. You just have to keep going, I know you parents know exactly what I mean. 💕

I am very comfortable in this place, it is so nice, .... being a mother is a huge source of contentment and joy to me.
I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been dealing with a reoccurring challenge with Miles which maybe I will talk about at a later date, but also I have been so busy preparing to launch my botanical wellness line finally @wytheandberry .. honestly I have had no time to instagram.
This is today.....
Story & I went to a music class this morning, then we walked around town, I bought some buttons for the bonnets I am knitting her, and the lady at the store, who I’ve known many years through going there, gave me a hug she was just so happy to see me with a new baby.... finally - small town love is what you call that🙌🏻, I was so touched!
Then, we checked in on Miles at summer camp as he was having a tough day, continued on our way home from there, I cooked Story carrots🥕🥕 which she loved, and then we just spent the day doing 9-month activities - playing with toys, practicing to stand, crawling, eating, and talking.... this photo is her telling me she has had enough to eat at lunch, I had to laugh it was so dramatic, such a little girl.
As I repeat these events to you, maybe to some my day seems ordinary & mainly uneventful, but to me today was a day that was so eventful, and just perfect! There is nothing else I’d prefer to do, and of course being a stay-at-home-mum is not for everybody, but I love it it!

Oh no you didn’t! 😂Yep that really is bubba girl Story looking at her Big Bro Bro like that (as Miles INSISTS he is called from now on)!! Let’s do a little check in on what it is like to be 9-&-a-half-month (283 days) old baby.
This little girl’s personality shines more & more every day that is for sure, we love her so so much💕💕
+ She is such a speedy little crawler and likes to pull herself up on anything
+ She is putting everything in her mouth which is stressful😬cannot wait for this phase to be over
+ She says 3 words - dada, mummum, & yumyum (if she really likes the taste of something)
+ Waving is one of her favorite pastimes right now, she waves to everybody, it is adorable
+ She has started baby lead eating, one of her favs being bread pieces drowned in olive oil with sea salt, she can’t get enough of it
+ She drinks so much water every day, oh my gosh she definitely takes after her dad there
+ She still sleeps in the bed with me every night, have to work on that, she is just so cuddly though 🙄
+ She has been on 15 plane rides, traveling to 3 countries & 5 US states✈️
+ She is fascinated with mirrors, we could play in front of one for days & she’d laugh & laugh till the cows came home🐄
+ She is finally ok in a car seat but we had to do forward facing and a sit up one, not ideal but legal, and beats her screaming on the top of lungs every time we drive somewhere🏎
+ She is over 20 pounds, a little big girl🙈
+ She is still breastfeeding on demand, some days she needs more than others, we go with the flow🍼
+ If she is in her high chair, she loves to throw her toys on the floor, and I pick them up, and she throws them down, and I pick them up... you get the picture. It drives my hubby batty, I do not mind, I know it will not last forever
+ No teeth yet, she is a gummy bear
+ She has her own insta feed @storyelanora
+ She just loves, and laughs, and loves constantly and she is perfect! —————————The End————————

Real #mumlife how I wake up all mornings🙌🏻. Of late friends have been tagging me in breastfeeding photos, you know models walking down the runway breastfeeding, crazy breastfeeding campaigns, political remarks by males who think they can decide what is the best way for mother’s to feed their babies & so on.
And, all of this in retrospect has made me realize that through instagram eyes I guess I am unintentionally appearing as a breastfeeding advocate to some.
I used to be pro-breastfeeding yrs ago when I was naive with my 1st baby & especially unfounded on how hard it can be for some mothers to breastfeed, but now I profoundly understand those struggles & know that more importantly fed is best, & better than passing judgement (getting older, getting wiser🙌🏻).
But, what I do hope to achieve by sharing these photos is that breastfeeding is normal & women should not be discriminated because of it, the reason women have breasts in the 1st place is to feed their young, as it is with all mumma mammals, not just humans. The human body is perfect in every way, there are no mistakes, & that there are people in the world attempting to turn this act of a human offering a baby human, “human milk” into a disgusting thing is twisted & sad.
It is important that awareness is spread to those mothers-to-be that are on the fence about breastfeeding that they have adequate support & understanding to be able to make an educated decision about what is best for mother & child. Not a decision decided because hospitals did not encourage breastfeeding when baby was born, or adverts pushing formula without the baby’s best interest’s in mind & rather being a multi-dollar industry & doing whatever they can to keep it that way by influencing new minds in a bias way etc.
I breastfed Miles for 2.5 years however there were a handful of times I supplemented with formula, this time around my baby has only had breastmilk from me, it has been challenging & rewarding all at the same time, it is not for everyone and thankfully in this modern world there are choices, & it is important that these are evenly shared, & researched fairly🙏🏻.
How do you feel about it?

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