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💚Elisabeth Vlasic (Libby)  • Aussie green-inspired Mum of 2 ✨✨First Grader & an Infant🐣 • I speak for the trees @WytheandBerry • 🐷🌍Respect, Compassion 4 All🐄🌲

🍦🍦🍦🍦We went to the Museum of Ice-Cream yesterday, if was a lot of fun, check my stories to see more. I thought the no-pram rule was weird though, thankfully I took a sling to carry Story in, a lot of stairs too and they were all painted so pretty just like a Dr Seuss book, definitely worth a visit, Miles loved it.
Have you been?

Beach ready👍🏻☀️!
I don’t know guys, Miles is going through that dreaded “Don’t put this photo on instagram Mum” phase and not being so cooperative with photos that I take🤷🏻‍♀️. I am completely devastated, especially seeing Story is here now, and I just want to take so many photos of them together.... I’ve seen this happen to other insta mums (like you Maria @thenewyorkmom) but I thought I still had awhile to go with Miles🤷🏻‍♀️.
Do you think it will pass, I hope so?

Living the dream, beach nap vibes🙏🏻✨🙈

Day 154 for this little girl on planet earth, pretty casual, but still a milestone after all, Story’s first time in a pool or any large mass of water actually. Just like the air travel, she didn’t get fussy, she just rolled with it, maybe because she felt safe with her dad and brother right there, I don’t know, either way it was very cool. We love Miami!☀️

Gorgeous morning in Brooklyn, the light through our bedroom window is beyond, thank-you Father Sun for the warmth you shine🙏🏻☀️🙌🏻!
We are off on another trip today, I know we travel so much, we are heading to Miami and then on to California for 2 weeks - so excited!
Looking at myself in the mirror this morning, I still have this post pregnancy pouch, I cannot remember how long it took to go with Miles so am asking you, it’s 5-months now since I had Story, how much longer before the flat tummy comes back? I am a bit paranoid to hit the beach in my bikini I have to be honest....🙈
PS - And, thank-you @belabumbum for randomly sending me a congratulation welcome baby package, I love this gown, and it was so nice of you xo

Guys, have you ever made these before?
As some of you know I am a clinical aromatherapist (which is a fancy word for a professionally and intensively trained aromatic medicine specialist), a certified essential oil educator, and a certified herbalist - basically I am a plant nerd💚🙈! I usually only post these posts over on my other profile @wytheandberry however as I move into the area of children/family & essential oils it seems appropriate to also post here.
A convenient, easy & fun-for-little-ones DIY way to take essential oils into the body is by incorporating these aromatic shower disks into one’s showering regime. So, how do you use them, and how do you make them?
I recently wrote an article for the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies blog where I share a “Wakey Wakey Rise and Shine” blend to encourage little ones along on their bright-eyed and bushy-tailed way on tough mornings, due to say having trouble getting out of bed, staying focused or even just being happy & keeping the grumps at bay.
Of course, the blend can also be used by adults, but what makes this safe for children is that concerning essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptuses are avoided. Most essential oils are safe for children after 5-years-of-age, but some like peppermint & certain eucalyptuses, contain chemical constituents which have the ability to cause serious harm to a child.
Just because essential oils are naturally-derived, it does not mean they are entirely safe, in fact they are very powerful & should be used with respect & entire understanding🙏🏻, and with children, it is paramount you research the aromatic chemistry of each species before using.
Like even with Miles now being 7-year-of-age I still do not feel comfortable using these oils around him yet.
Feel free to check the link in profile for the energizing, and uplifting blend I share which can be used straight up in a diffuser, or on cubes like this in the shower for a slow and effective method to breath in the therapeutic benefits from these extraordinary gifts from the earth.
Feel free to ask me questions, there is so much scary information being spread around the internet...

Throwback Thursday to when I was a full-time model in Australia with Chadwick (agency).... it seems like so long ago now, well I guess it was🙈. I did a lot of work for Australis, which is like the American version of Maybeline, I was always very busy.... I wonder if I can get back to being this tiny again, I’d sure love that🙌🏻

Last day of being in the 4-months range, again like last month🤦🏻‍♀️I had hoped to take this photo of Story sooner but it never happened, sometimes I am super on it with insta, and other times I just need a break.
Little Story is almost 17 pounds (8 kilo) now, she is fascinated with her hands, absolutely loves 🍌🍌 while on her breast milk diet still, is continuing to sport her trademark mohawk, is almost sitting up on her own, and loves to laugh and talk in her gorgeous little baby way - love her so much, and am so happy she is here💕.

Thank-you for all the heartfelt messages on our last post (texts, calls, visits) yesterday💕, it was such a scary time as I am sure you can imagine, especially after enduring so much to fall pregnant with her in the first place.
Story is doing way better today, she finished her antibiotics yesterday for her ear infection & congestion and is in high spirits, even though when she sleeps for now, I am not taking my eyes off her.

It is quite literally a text as a parent I never wanted to receive from our nanny at home watching the baby - “I had Story, almost choking. But don't panic. I gave her some CPR and she's breathing ok”
OMG.... don’t panic?
Miles & I tore out of Black Panther at the theatre, jumped in the car, (while my hubby called 911 from his office in Manhattan), and we got to the house right before 2 ambulances🚑 and 1 NYPD car 🚔blocked off our street to get to Story.
She was and is ok💙thank-goodness, it appears she choked on a combination of mucous and breast milk from a bottle 🍼and was turning blue. Even though I wasn’t there and can’t say what happened first-hand, just hammering home here why it so important to hold baby upright and burp them after every feeding.
Her and I then took a ride in an ambulance to our preferred @nyphospital where she was examined, given the all clear and we came home. .

I am so so so thankful for these paramedics, they were kind and concerned and attentive to my little girl, they were also at our house in about 4 minutes after hubby called, one of them came running in our door and when he saw her in my arms breathing, was like “Oh thank god, thank god she is okay”, and he really really meant it... What amazing people that work in this crazy city every day looking out for us all, what they must go through, sometimes we surely forget them but may we be grateful, they are everyday heroes, what would we do without them🙏🏻.
I don’t really know what else to write about this experience, it was so surreal... it happened so fast, I cried, was confused, I parked the car in the middle of the street and did not even realize jumping out to run into our house to get to her, funny how these things effect you.
We are all okay💕.

Happy International Women’s Day!!! And, happy 4th Peloton ride to me for this week!
I went up to 172 pounds (78 kilo) pregnant with Story, on my usual 130 pound (59 kilo) body, being a total of 42 extra pounds (19 kilo) I was carrying around, a lot of aches and pains you know.. a lot of worthy complications sure but towards the end going up and down our stairs was rough🙈. “I’ll sleep down here tonight guys”😂
While I was preggers my hubby bought a Peloton bike, with the idea that I’d hit it a lot sooner than now, 5 months post-pregnancy to get back in shape, but it takes time right, and you have to be gentle with your body.
So, here I am now, & stoked to say I have lost 30 pounds (14 kilos) of that weight, I still have aways to go but all my clothes are fitting me again, I am just feeling very soft and need to tone big time, ultimately I’d like to get back to my modeling days weight, which was between 120-125 pounds (54-57 kilos), we will see....
What about you, how long did it take to lose the post-pregnancy weight, and how did you do it?

Official New York City Snow Day today, what does that mean? All the schools are closed to incremental weather, it is pretty much standard this time of year here, we always have 1 or 2 each season.
I tell you Story was pretty excited Miles is home, she has barely slept all day🤦🏻‍♀️. And Miles well, it’s been a constant battle of me telling him to get off his ipad, and him somehow sneaking back on it, seriously do not know how he does that but I am about to throw it out the window! I did just drive 2 miles in the most ridiculous blizzard to get him to a ninja training class though, I don’t know probably mad but I heard it may be another snow day tomorrow, and had to take the opportunity to avoid cabin fever while I can - the things you do.
... How do you cope if the kiddos have to stay home from school suddenly, and have you ever thrown an ipad out the window??😂🙈

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