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Will Sasso  I'm the actor that played the good guy's friend in that thing. SNAP/TWIT: willsasso


Grateful and excited for this film. :D CC: @danielled2mgmt

My Mom and youngest Niece are both teenagers. 💕

( °_°)

Mr. #TerryZwigoff's #BuddingProspects is STREAMING NOW on @amazonvideo FREE! If you check it out and enjoy, please give us a rating and a review and we'll do a thousand episodes! Link to episode in my bio here on my Instagram social media account! :D

Hi! You seen #BuddingProspects yet? It's STREAMING NOW on @amazonvideo for FREE! Watch/enjoy/review/vote/share and we'll do a whole SEASON of this mofo! link in my bio for, like... a few more minutes or days or whatever! :D

Re: Today's Late Night Chats with Chad: Afternoon Edition episode. Thanks @datschuckrick. Subscribe to #TenMinutePodcast on iTunes/your podcast app/SoundCloud/etc. :D

Dancing. I'm a dancer.

#BuddingProspects is STREAMING NOW on @amazonvideo for FREE! Please watch/enjoy/review/vote/share to help better our chances at having a full season! Link to episode in my bio until it's replaced with a different link for whatever else I guess? :D

Hey, see me laying on that car? Haha yeah, I love that picture ha. So anyway, Our beloved #TerryZwigoff's show about some shit heads and pot in 1983 San Francisco, #BuddingProspects , is STREAMING NOW on @amazonvideo. Please watch it and vote for it and share the shit out of it with people so @amazonstudios will have us make a 2nd and 3rd episode and then a bunch more after that. I hope you'll check it out and enjoy! :D

Our beloved TMP 💎🎧s (Diamond Listeners) like @datschuckrick (swipe) have already exhibited and induced effects of yesterday's The Diamonding episode. Subscribe to #TenMinutePodcast on iTunes/your podcast app/SoundCloud/etc. :D

My lifelong pal @mrlentsch just sent a video of him eating 2 cream filled chocolate donuts to myself and some of the other guys we grew up with. He then sent anther video of him eating 3 more cream filled chocolate donuts, so please swipe to see him do that. No reason was given as to why he ate the donuts, what compelled him to capture this footage, or why he shared it with us. I've calmed down now but when I first received these videos, I laughed really really hard for a full minute because this is the funniest thing I've seen today. I hope you'll enjoy it also. :D

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