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Willow Brugh 


Don't be callin me at midnight. I'll be in bed, asleep.

Less great is this. Yes, we applied sunscreen. Amply. Three times. OMGWTFBBQ. But the ice pack I'm laying on feels GREAT.

Also, having my feet attached to the pedals + technical (read: uneven, rocky, 6° uphill consistently for miles and miles) meant falling a LOT. Thankfully, I am good at falling and not injured in any way. Just have these super neat patterns on my legs.

Did 22.3 miles yesterday with the same amount of climbing. Slower today, but complete! Technical terrain is terrifying and I can't wait to be better at it. 💙 to @sofauxboho for being patient and supportive as I struggled thru the hardest ride yet. (And also for bribing me with ice cream yesterday and pancakes today.) We started near that tallest tower to the right in the distance at about 6a. I am now drinking a cider on the ferry home 6.5 hours later.

The last couple days have been decadent, playful, and restorative. Appreciation to the crew that convened from 5 different cities to spend the most valuable thing : time.

Suffer with me

Guess who is exhausted and managed to book a return flight to SJC instead of SFO? THIS ROBOT.
But my matching game and this train are getting on well. 💙 to @gildedlillian for the socks.

And I didn't even get hurt this time.

Last weekend for the Stupid Shit No One Needs And Terrible Ideas Hackathon, Alex Gourley and Moto Ono made a dream of mine into reality.
I present to you: the watched pot which never boils. A camera detects when a face is turned towards the kettle, and flips the power off when true.

Hours and hours spent with @sofauxboho for this Goldie-Locks-fit of a bike.

Accounting for reality.

Haircut, pin, motorcycle, sun, work to be done.

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