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Willow 🍁 

✨My little friend visits me each day. It's only Tuesday but spread your wings and fly like it's the weekend✨#loveyourlife

✨Did you say you wanted Mustard on that?🤢😉✨

✨I gave him food. He gave me a toothy smile. Have a blessed day✨#homeless

✨I'll look after you✨

✨Exposed✨ #unedited

✨No matter where I may roam, it's always nice to come home✨

✨He told her to go to bed... she sleeps under the stairs✨

✨Did anyone remember to grab the toilet paper??🙄😬😳✨

✨Bottled/Canned Pears. Circa 1942...Eat up✨

✨Happy 4th of July! God Bless America🇺🇸✨


✨A feast for a spider✨

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