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Bushcraft with David Willis  ♥ Teacher of Bushcraft ♥ Outdoor living skills ♥ Natural history ♥ Woodland crafts ♥ Campfire cookery ♥ Backwoods bread baking ♥ Guided woodland walks


Simple sculpture on a Durasic beech!

Hot chocolate time - a beautiful evening, clear skies and a cold night on its way - fab #coolcamping

Dinner tastes so much nicer cooked on a campfire - a few turfs dug so we can leave no trace afterwards or at least leave a positive impact!

Fire lighting on a #coolcamping site in Dorset - we may be camping but that's no excuse not to light our #campfire using #fire-by-friction method with a #bowdrill

All sharpened and ready for action - Mora knives; 711, Junior Carver, Classic No.1, 106 Carver, Companion and Opinel Peelers

Yes, that charcloth works nicely - dropped a spark on to the #charcloth. using a piece of flint struck with a steel. It burnt so fast I kept burning my fingers whilst taking pictures! #firelighting

Making some charcloth - cotton cloth that's a little like charcoal. A great tinder for fire lighting especially with a flint and steel or using a firepiston. Details on my blog via my profile - thanks.

Fun making these little stick-people with under 7's - the children gathered sticks, I helped them with drilling a hole into and cutting the head (bit-and-brace and bow-saw) #homeschool #home-ed #school

Inspired by @davecorn who is cycling a #waterbike around the coast of Norway - I headed out on a #microadventure.

The Jubilee River - a beautiful nature reserve, wonderful to see the squadron's of geese flying, arriving home last night and then departing again this morning

Washing up time - a handful of grass makes a fab scourer #microadventure

A beautiful sun set over the Jubilee River after a damp cycle ride - a fab evening for a sneaky #wildcamp #microadventure

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