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William Winram  Ocean Explorer - Freediving World Record Holder - IUCN Oceans Ambassador - Founder of @WatermenProject - Deepblu Brand Ambassador


Is this a happy shark? I would not presume to know nor make an assumption about its emotional state. This one swam up directly to me once it spotted me on the surface…the moment I saw it and recognised it had fixated on me I did a smooth but quick duck dive to get in position for a photograph, stopping just after the duck dive to wait for its approach. Curiosity, bated breath, waiting and finally snapping the photograph and in that moment, with the sound of the shutter she startled and turned, clearly nothing predatory involved in this encounter.

Photo: @williamwinram

On Pointe: Diver @andreaasunsolo moving along a curtain of fish in the Cabo Pulmo Marine Protected area.

Who would like to look behind the curtain?

Photo: @williamwinram

Great White Shark Sunday 🤓 Happy Sunday Everyone!

Photo: @williamwinram
#sharks #saltlife freedivingphotography

1, 2 and 3 great hammerheads…Can you see the third great hammerhead? This is @lukaswaterman filming and photographing the great hammerheads we had tagged or were going to try to tag during a research collaboration between @watermenproject @tristanguttridge and @biminisharklab.

Photo: @williamwinram

#hammerhead #shark #sharks #saltlife #freedivingphotography #gopro #sharkdiving

I was sent this video by a gentleman that I met some time ago - @huubwaaldijk who had asked me to have a look and to share with him what I thought the behaviour indicated. He also shared his thoughts which were very accurate.

What I see in this video is a curious juvenile great white shark. She is most likely still feeding on fish and so not really looking for larger mammals. But still, I have had similar encounters with larger great whites who displayed exactly the same kind of shy and curious behaviour.
I would love to hear others thoughts and opinions on this video, how they think they would react if they were in the same position as Huub and his friends.
#greatwhiteshark #diving #sharkconservation #greatwhite #sharks #shark #saltlife

"The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." - @neildegrassetyson

The ocean is one of the few places where I can stop thinking about why things are the way they are. There is an infinite number of possible constellations of water molecules and living beings, it is impossible to predict why an underwater scene presents itself to you the way it does. While it's essential that we explore this beautiful underwater universe to be able to protect it, there will always be a mysteryious component that slips our grasp. This manta was flying amongst thousands of bright fish, reminding me of a night sky full of stars. Will this exact constellation ever occur again?

#manta #diving #freediving #sharks #underwater #night #sky #stars #universe #degrassetyson #science #space #ocean #water #underwater #wildlife #animals #adventure

Supported by @deepbludivers
Shot on UK Germany Housing

A group of Mobula rays glide over the sand in Baja California. What the photo does not show is their speed and what is extraordinary is the fact that they do not disturb the sand in any way shape or form.
When I was reviewing my photos of the day I zoomed in on this and the other shots and noticed that the sand was untouched so I decided to try to see if I could do the same and swim along the bottom without muddling the sand.
I pride myself on being able to move well in the water but I could not do it…every single time I tried it I was creating some little “dust clouds” along the bottom and I was not moving half as fast as they were.

Photo: @williamwinram

#mobulas #rays #freedivingphotography #oceanexploration #awesomeearth

A Father and son moment - one of my dear friends sharing his first encounter with a great hammerhead and his (at the time) 15 year old son...what an incredible moment when the shark turned and came face to face with him before continuing on with its journey.
Diver: @sbouaoudia1

Photo: @williamwinram

Supported by @deepbludivers

#hammerhead #shark #sharks #saltlife #freedivingphotography #oceanexploration

Have you ever caught yourself thinking…I have a tough life or my life sucks? Think about this creature - an elephant seal and one of the preferred meals of great white sharks. This particular individual looks to have survived two close calls with a great white and has lived to dive and hunt another day.
The two large long scars are likely from two different attacks from great whites…many of the round scars are from what is known as the cookie cutter shark which takes a nice round bite out of unsuspecting prey.
Any time this animal wants to feed she needs to be on the look out for the ever present hunter looking to make her a meal…I think I will stick to the supermarket :-) 📷Boris Reim

#greatwhiteshark #freediving #elephantseal #islaguadalupe #marineprotectedarea

Thanks to my dear friend @sharksneedlove for capturing this moment. How lucky am I to have a great hammerhead shark swim in this close…Talk about lucky and grateful 🙏🙏
Photo: @sharksneedlove
Freediver: @williamwinram
Supported by @deepbludivers

#hammerhead #sharks #shark #saltlife #uw #freedivingphotography #sharkdiving #sea

There is a common perception and or attempt by some to give an impression that sharks are not dangerous. I would have to disagree for one simple reason - anything that has teeth and is a wild animal can be dangerous, even a bite from a small reef shark could be fatal if an artery is severed. I think the important point about these creatures is that they are not psychopathic killers lurking in the depths.
Somewhere along the line, instead of anthropomorphising sharks in a negative way people started doing just the opposite - making them “innocent (which they typically are) cute, cuddly, affectionate, nice etc and the most dangerous description is when I hear people saying that they are not, in fact, dangerous.

In what world is a great white shark, a “sport utility vehicle with teeth” not dangerous or at least potentially dangerous? I have heard people utter the phrase “it is easy, nothing to worry about…” when speaking about diving out of the cage with them.
Although I do not suggest you “worry” (as the shark will likely detect this emotion) it remains foolish to state it is entirely safe, leaving people underestimating the risks associated with diving with them.

I have been doing this a very long time and over the years I have seen people underestimate the shark and survive that mistake solely due to sheer luck. Don't let human error add to the negative press towards sharks; dive responsibly regardless of the interaction you personally seek. 🎬 @williamwinram

Supported by: @deepbludivers

#sharkconservation #freediving #oceanexploration

Sometimes I think great white sharks toy with us…This particular shark played the game of accelerating…cruising…accelerating etc, right up to the last moment when he turned. Definitely testing me.
Later, sitting behind the computer, out of the water and away from the intensity of being in the water with them, I thought I saw something in the photo.

Every time since that trip, when I revisit this photo, I have the distinct impression if the shark could talk he would say “did I get you…did I startle you…did you think I was coming in for a snack :-)” There is just that little smirk on the face that gives me this impression.

Does anyone else see what I am speaking to? Would love to hear others impressions of this photo. 📷@williamwinram

Supported by @deepbludivers
#freedivingphotography #greatwhiteshark #oceanexploration #freediving

🦈 @capeclasp #GIVEAWAY 🦈 to celebrate the launch of the @capeclasp x @watermenproject hammerhead necklace, @capeclasp is hosting a givewaway! Head over to @capeclasp to enter. Good luck!! Thanks for helping @capeclasp #makewaves 🌊

After another long day in the sea, the sun had already dropped behind the island and it was time to get out of the water when this beauty swam in for a final look as I was heading back to the surface. Another beautiful great white shark . The late day light, depth etc without flash gives the image a steely blue feel. 📷 @williamwinram

#freediving #greatwhiteshark #freedivingphotography #oceanexploration

This photo reminds me of when I was 10 years old…in a new town and I walked what seemed like 20km…in actuality it was about 5km but only because I got lost trying to find the bakery. I had set out with the idea to spend my entire allowance on fresh baked cookies…you see I LOVE COOKIES and my mother was not a baker at all.
I got lost and by the time I figure it out and then asked for directions my little legs and feet had gone almost 5kms. Happily I arrived to the bakery only to realise that I had in fact…drum roll…Forgotten my allowance!!!!!!! Much like the cat here, I stood outside the door to the bakery staring in pining for a cookie. Shortly thereafter I also realised that I did not know where I lived, did not have a phone number address or otherwise but that is another story. 📷 @marlysbaumann

#story #pets #memory #cookie #animals #walking #cat

Filming 360/VR on a single breath of air in Indonesia 🦈🎥🌊 This particular reef wall was on the backside of a pinnacle with abundant coral and fish life. The ripping current was pushing against the rocks with its entire might, creating powerful eddies on the edges. We had to carefully read the water patterns, as not to get sucked into the current and be swept away. It was a challenging but amazing session! 🙏👌 Photo @lukaswaterman Diver @williamwinram #vr #360 #path #oceanexploration #adventure #diving #freediving #expedition #sharks #indonesia #nature #uwphotography #inspire #motivation #ocean #explore #science #filming #bwphoto

Very excited to announce we've teamed up with @capeclasp to create the #hammerhead necklace with 15% of profits supporting @watermenproject and their mission to conserve our oceans. I have really enjoyed the collaboration and the end result is beautiful! You can get yours at capeclasp.com! Thanks for helping 🙏

#oceanconservation #capeclasp #hammerheadshark #makewaves

"The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art." – John Lasseter

About 160 years ago the first underwater picture was taken. Today? A walk to the local electronics store, and you can have a small but insanely powerful underwater HD digital camera.

The technology you see in this picture would have represented mind-boggling devices of endless possibilities just 50 years ago. Waterproof housings for DSLR-cameras, small acoustic tags for shark science... If we look into the future another 50-100 years the challenge will not be the advancement of camera technology, it will be about how much is left to capture.

#sharks #nature #ocean #photography #uwphotography #diving

Sea Lion about to swim up and bite the tail of a great white shark - the animal that predates on them. Over the years we have seen this behaviour quite often - the sea lion swims in and around the shark, teasing it…you watch as the shark, knowing it really cannot out manoeuvre the sea lion, ponders taking a shot at biting it and inevitably gives up…eventually the sea lion whips around behind the shark and bites the tail. At that point, we do not see that shark for several days if at all. Funny when you think about it.

Supported by @deepbludivers 📷 @williamwinram

#freediving #greatwhiteshark #freedivingphotography #oceanexploration #guadalupefurseal

I seem to be fixated with the eyes of marine creatures these days. Often when great white sharks have been portrayed they are “evil with black soulless eyes” etc etc…Take a look at the eyes on this great white - Can you see the blue eyes? Does she look scary to you? I am curious to know what those that do not dive with them think. Looking forward to your comments! 📷 @williamwinram

#freediving #greatwhiteshark #jaws #freedivingphotography #amazingpico

This great white shark was so close before it turned away that I could not get the guys in the cage and the shark in the frame and that was with a 15mm fisheye lens… 🤓

Supported by @deepbludivers 📷 @williamwinram

#freedivephotography #greatwhiteshark #oceanexploration #marineprotectedarea

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul then these are the eyes of one of the gentlest souls I have ever encountered.
Whale sharks are filter feeders and we often find them cruising near the surface feeding on plankton...in this instance the whale shark was vertical and feeding in this position, not needing to swim much in the plankton rich waters.
I snapped a couple photos and then put the camera down and focused on the eye, staring back at me. It was one of those moments I will always remember amd be thankful for and in this instance I think the camera captured a bit of what I witnessed and felt.

Here's to continuing to improve protection for these and other ocean inhabitants in 2018.
Happy New Year Everyone!!! Supported by @deepbludivers 📷 @williamwinram

#whaleshark #underwaterart #uwphotography #oceanconservation #freediving

Getting ready to leap into 2018! ✈️🌊 ...And no, this is NOT photoshopped!!! 😉Just some underwater parkour, jumping across canyons. Diver @williamwinram Photo by @lukaswaterman #parkour #2018 #leap #extremesports #sports #jump #freerunning #acrobatics #freediverlife #freediving #freedivingphotography #freedivingart #uwphotography #amazingpico

Moment of Clarity.

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