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Spiff Art & Design  Water for the mind. Represented by @normanfelixgallery. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬


These bodies I leave in my wake. I do this while I bake me a cake. The lames talk shit coz they fake. With a still small voice I'll cause an earthquake. Amazing and doing it in one take. Copy cats, all they do is fake. I'm not here to save only awake. The aim is to stack it up and pull it in with a rake. Spiced, tenderized and grilled nice like steak. And them lames won't get a stake. Coz they don't see what's at stake. I go Hunt for the gwap when I wake, so I can build me a house by the lake. Reads like sumn prophesied in the good book. Water for your mind straight from the brook. A lil sumn that'll make you feel shook. Delivered with no hook. Oh yes I made you look. Taste great coz I'm a good cook. Don't come around here if your a crook. - William the 3rd.

Title: I AM
Illustration by @william.spiff for Clutch CLUB.

The truth is hidden in the spell. The juvenile mind finally cracked the spell. Man lost in the abyss of space it ain't hard to tell. Humanity connected through cyber space feels like Alice falling down the well. My intent is to awaken and wish man well. Lames attack with the chainsaw and aim to fell. The truth has no status and this I aim to tell. So I sleep with my eyes wide open coz the devil lurks in the details. Painting pictures with these tales. Constantly fishing for the truth with no bait. In any case no time to wait, clutch CLUB got my bags packed and ready for the rapture, coz I can't be late.

Title: Ethereal Soul
Created by @william.spiff (An excerpt of Hannibal's Carthage; Coming soon)

Happy birthday @bomospiff aka madam. Have a great and wonderful day.

If I told you a flower can bloom in the dark would you believe me? Fvkcing engine. Jet streaming through the universe. Embellished in grand design like sumn my ancestors built but was stolen and boxed for amusement. I came and walked in the perfect path he already created, like a lion walking in the path created by an elephant in the forest. This pain hurts more than the feeling of when I woke up and realized I couldn't use my legs or watching him being beaten to shit and I couldn't do anything about it. Makes me feel like I partook in the persecution. Makes me feel like I partake in the persecution. I innocently partook in the persecution.

Title: Oh brother
Created by @william.spiff (An excerpt of Hannibal's Carthage; coming soon)

Nuggets for the thrill about to come. Staying prepared is my resolve. Talking less and doing more, that's how I roll. Bags packed and ready for the fold. All of this is written in gold. Come out on top that's the goal. Tasty and refreshing like a bottle of dole. Come correct down to the sole. This is that lil sumn that is good for your mind, body and soul. Nice like a borito bowl.

In anticipation of what is to come.
Series of illustrations for Clutch Club by @william.spiff

I broke a string on your guitar. I hoped we would get far. You wanted to be a star. But you were not her. She left coz she realized I won't love her. All she wanted was to take. Consistently acting like a snake. Every interaction we had was fake. Constantly wanted me to give her more, all bcos I'm a moor. I acted like a man but spoke like a child. Dreamed of being hosted by Spoke art but my work was mild. So I switched it up to be wild. Made my mind my home coz this world is wide. In you I thought I could confide. I Can't be late to the ra-p-ture. That's why I got to find my own pasture. Tried to slow down but I keep going faster. Mum says "listen to the words of the pastor". But I'm not tryna be an actor. Don't be naive not everyone lives for truth and integrity. Some just want to steal your fertility. She said if you love something set it free. But if she knew I wrote this, will she come back to me?

Title: Songs of the heart
Photo cred.: @william.spiff

Chilling where the wild things are. Playing with the wildest being. Been doing overtime so I can go back home. Taming the rage while I listen to them fakes blaspheme for attention. Fvkc ur expectations & comparisons I'm in a race with myself. I watched him try to hang himself by wrapping the noise around his neck and that awakened me to the fact that I shouldn't care about negativity. Doctor, Doctor where does my soul go? How can live free without been put in a box? If time is relative, aren't we all related? These questions go on and on as I tame the beast within. As you read this did it make you nervous?

Title: Leaning on the animal I know
Artwork by @william.spiff (Mixed media on canvas).

All systems online, guidance is internal. Back to purity, back to innocent mentality. Clutch club talk less do more, just came to me. Built it all in bricks to protect my mentality. Looks like sumn designed by Luca Curci. Came up with the plan when I realized no one was gonna save me. Became my own superhero to awaken thee. Father, father please forgive me. For what I've seen is part of my own sin. And I couldn't help it coz it all happened bcos of where I've been. And now they think I'm mean. But I've been living in the lion's den. Fvkc William.

Title: La Tweaker's inferno
Artwork by @william_spiff (mixed media on scrap wood)

What did they do to us? I guess tonight we'll take it out on each other. The bills feed the meter on the minute. When the song is over, we'll both walk away with the satisfaction that we both got what we want. We'll try to capture the best of us as we move in time. That's why I chase her mind not her body. It's unfortunate this moment won't last forever. So sensual and unscripted, its a different experience every time. The longer I stay, the greater my hope that this will last. It's so unfortunate that when the music is over we'll both walk away.

Title: Beauty in the Dark

Illustration by @william_spiff for Clutch Club.

You must be mistaken if you think it's a race or we're at war. If you're looking for sumn salient, well I'm a sayan with that Afro. Dad says I need to do this properly, that's why I left the cave, travelled across the niger to awaken minds with that delta force. I lost my fruitful protector to the Butt of a gun and now I got ADD, so I developed that 419 mentality to do the math. They converted that black gold to paper to enslave my kind, that's why I'm preaching out here to awaken mankind. They lost in a trap, while they exploit earth's sap. So now I'm just practicing alchemy to awaken that tru vibration.

Title: Alchemy
Illustration by @william_spiff for Clutch Club

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Animation by @william_spiff
Photo cred: @william_spiff

Hovering above my body in the room while she lays next to me, reminds me of when I escaped the heat to lay on that bean bag while they surrounded my body chanting to that Hiii Power to bring me back. Now I navigate everyday with the third eye, hovering and staying elated in the cone of my mind, like Sumn my ancestors built under Orion. Moving like seal team 6 while they napping on me. Awakening everyone like em hieroglyph symbols as I move thru the room full of cultures. He reads this and gets insecure about his masculinity and asks, why do you sound feminine? Anyways, what a dream, this just feels like another episode of rick and morty.

Title: Astral life

Illustration by @william_spiff for Clutch Club

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