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WILLIAM RABA  Welcome to my instagram blog !

Sorry bitches, I will stay into my black and white mood, because I just love it ! I’m not ready to be happy (lol) @william.raba here is one of my edits ! Give credit if you repost it ! 🌚

Good afternoon !🌞

Posting some shooting pictures ! @william.raba

Well as I said I will do a new thing on my instagram blog and it’s some editing ! Here is my first one ! It’s NOT to make @lanadelrey « prettier » or something like that (we all know she’s already bomb), but it’s just to like give a new life to some photos ! Don’t worry it will not be only black and white photos ! If you repost it, please give me credit ! Hope you will enjoy it ! @william.raba

Last pic before I move on to another concept !

Photo by me @william.raba

Human body.
Self-portrait by me @william.raba

"I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight"
Photo by me @william.raba

Everytime I get hurt, I get stronger.

"Diamonds, brilliant, in Bel Air now"
Photo by me @william.raba

"He loves his drugs, but his baby too"

"Crying tears of gold like lemonade"
Photo by me @william.raba

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