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Will Matsuda  NYC

As if I wouldn’t wait in line for 40 minutes to get one of the best pizzas in the world immediately before dinner...there were those that doubted me! “You can’t eat that and dinner.” “You won’t wait in that line.” “You’ll never make it.”
Life too short @pizzeriadamichele too bomb they even have a saint overseeing the oven (4th picture) I mean cmon

Went to Ischia solely based off the Ferrante novels and couldn’t believe she didn’t mention not even once the rabbit ragu with fresh pappardelle?? The beaches that are also hot springs??? 😭😭😭

The one picture I took at Pompeii was of this abandoned food stand lol

tutto bene

A few more on @npr, including a take on this one🎴
Link in bio(^_^)

My new series is up on @NPR! The photos revolve around hanafuda, a 200-year-old Japanese card game that I used to play with my family. Link in bio.
A huge thank you to @samanthabrandyclark for putting this all together!!

I am going to be Earnest On Instagram...But it's my last night in Woodstock as artist in residence at @cpwwpc and it has been so so so special! For the past 6 weeks I've been making a ton of new work, binging @th_6_tv, jumping into swimming holes, printing, scanning, and trying to write some songs. I shared a low key haunted 200 year old house with my dude @visionsandverbs (we left most of the lights on at night lol). Huge thank you to @cpwwpc for making this all possible. Also to all my friends who visited! @kanastas @_slansburg_ @pdfsquirt @adam.rouhana @bschwed @waltersmatsuda. Summer 2018 has been absolutely wild so far.
I can't wait to share what I've been working on! Lots more comin very soon

lil preview of the new stuff

Starting a new series loosely inspired by the Japanese card game 花札 (hanafuda, which means flower cards)
Lots more coming soon 🎴


Wrote about @hisnameisricardo’s photos of North Portland for @nytimes. Link in bio

weird dystopian NYPD surveillance box in flushing, ny

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