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Landed a massive speaking deal this past week. Hard work will always pay off if there's passion and purpose behind it. Drive towards what matters most instead of letting the world dictate what's possible.

The greatest leaders have perspective and realize that titles are meaningless. There's a selection process when building teams because leaders work on behalf of others. Every accomplishment stems from the team operating as a whole. There isn't anyone who can carry the team individually.

Had to cut during the filming and take a call. Work never stops, but I've made a conscious decision to blend work and life. Work/life balance is for people who are unfulfilled by poor career decisions.

Waking up every day to pursue a dream is the definition of ultimate freedom. Control your destiny and be the light that positively shines on others.

Want to know the secret to success? Work harder than everyone else and never allow yourself to settle. Passion and purpose can fuel any dream.

Family is very important. Your immediate family, the team and close friends should all be treated like family. I'm making investments in people.

It's essential to constantly be growing. Daily preparation will help you close under pressure. Always be ready for what's to come.

Sometimes our perception can be blurry, but trust in yourself and know that the best is yet to come. Chase purpose instead of things and that'll nourish your soul.

Business runs 24 hours a day. Think about that when you're hitting snooze. Wake up with enthusiasm because the world keeps moving and there's an abundance of opportunity.

People are most important in my life besides time. That's the one asset we can truly never get back. The reasons are simple: continuous learning, ability to change communication style on the fly and inspiring others to break the glass ceiling.

Looking for a motivational plug? Don't worry, I have your back. Head over to willfluence.com and let's breakthrough the possibility glass ceiling.

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