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Sometimes our perception can be blurry, but trust in yourself and know that the best is yet to come. Chase purpose instead of things and that'll nourish your soul.

Business runs 24 hours a day. Think about that when you're hitting snooze. Wake up with enthusiasm because the world keeps moving and there's an abundance of opportunity.

People are most important in my life besides time. That's the one asset we can truly never get back. The reasons are simple: continuous learning, ability to change communication style on the fly and inspiring others to break the glass ceiling.

Looking for a motivational plug? Don't worry, I have your back. Head over to willfluence.com and let's breakthrough the possibility glass ceiling.

Spent time with the founder of @SteapTeaBar to talk about business strategy. Invest in people first and handle business second.

Setting an intention before meetings will help keep focus and get results. Are you listening to people before speaking? Keep that in mind to be the most effective.

Keep moving forward no matter what it takes. Failure is only a result of giving up. How bad do you want to succeed?

Always in motion because relationships are forming 24/7. Make it a point to call someone today and say thank you. Random acts of kindness shouldn't be so random.

Supporting other entrepreneurs is a regular occurrence. Mo and I have been building companies for a while. Patience and focus helps to remain on course.

A day in the life through my eyes. Rise and grind is how every day begins. How hard will you work to leave a legacy?

Walk with confidence and be present. The energy we project is how the world gives energy in return.

Mediation has become a part of daily life. Rituals serve as reminders to remain centered. What are your rituals?

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