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WillemOssorio  Life is a beach - I'm just playing in the sand

Train going anywhere

Riding into the sunset

Taking a boat into the craziest cave-maze I've ever seen

Just when you think Vietnam couldn't get any more surreal - we find an abandoned water park in the middle of the jungle

Just a stop along the way

A beautiful beach with nobody on it

Tomb Raidering Vietnamese temples

Walking through 8th century temples - one of the coolest sites I've seen since being in Vietnam - and by far the least crowded - we were practically the only people there. The road less traveled makes all the difference!

Celebration at My Son outside of Hoi An - after an hour of riding through rice fields by scooter we found the incredible My Son ruins - largely damaged by the Vietnam War.

Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and feels like the set of a 007 film. The buildings date back to the 15th century and have moss and little plants growing on the roofs.

Continuing north through Vietnam - arrived by sleeper train. Because of a direct flight from Moscow, this coastal beach city was a hotspot for Russian tourists - half the people in the city were Russian. Every restaurant menu, hotel, and store front featured Russian and Vietnamese languages.

This was a random stop on the side of the road I made while driving a scooter to Bo An waterfall outside Nha Trang. The temple was completely empty, seemingly abandoned, except for incense and fresh flowers placed everywhere. The temple was in a hill overlooking Ninh Van Bay where there were many small fishing boats.