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Higher Self, guide me.

Now that my back has been healed, I've put an end to my medical Marijuana use. The new physical freedom I feel combined with refreshing mental clarity has turned my whole life around. I've been working 12 hour days for the past week on set and I haven't felt more invigorated, inspired, and driven. Things are finally looking brighter, and I'm gaining my enthusiasm and appreciation for the smallest of life's details again. Cheers to remembering that of all that Life has thrown at us, these things have not come to stay. Indeed, whatever you may be going through, TRUST ME, it has come to pass. Chronic pain and smokey haze of 3 years, farewell. Exciting new future, I'm ready for you. ⚜️

Fortune and Faith.

All signs point to yes. (Code "WILL20" saves you 20% moolah from @wellymerck )

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like bananas. (Save 20% with code "WILL20" for any watch @wellymerck).

You're the only one.

We are the sole driver of our happiness. We have our hands gripping the wheel with our foot against metal. The scenery may morph around us. The passengers may hop on and hop off. But one thing is for certain. You. This is your life. You're in the driver's seat. Where are we going? ⚜️

6 weeks into my fitness regimen. Gym 4x a week complete with a strict nutrition plan. Slowly but surely getting there!

I urge you to appreciate the Good but also the Bad. For the old would give anything to feel a semblance of that heartbreak, that missinghood that accompanies the bliss love. Realize that it's ALL love. That Sadness is the sister of Happiness. That whatever allows you to feel that sadness, may not be around forever--let alone any circumstance that permits you to sink intimately into your emotions, and feel alive.

This is your life. Today is your day.

Patience is not a virtue. It is THE virtue.

Reality is a mirror. Every great constellation of personalities, events, and things you encounter will always reflect you, as their perceived meanings originate from within you. The more deeply we look into our world, the more deeply we look into the mirror that reflects our truth. Experience is catharsis. Learning is remembering. And loving is being that which we were, are, and always will be. (Photographer @tnimbus12)

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