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Willa Köerner 🦋  〰️🔻🔸🌿 editor + writer / art + internet person 〰️ find me working @thecreativeindependent + manifesting @strangefound in the Catskills 🌗🔹🔺〰

We built this 🔥 pit with rocks from our woods and then we burned some trash in it #PerfectDay

Startin’ to pop off up here 🍂🍁❗️

Saying ‘sup to slimers all night long 🐸 🐌

Yesterday we published a ✨new✨ TCI guide—this one’s all about HOW TO PUT YOURSELF ONLINE and it’s by Darcie Wilder (@cumcumcumcumcumcumcumcum). It’ll make you laugh, maybe cry, and definitely will help you think through the weirdness of existing in digital spaces. Also, all week long on @thecreativeindependent we’re focusing on “Being online” as a theme… more good stuff coming up! (illustrations by the excellent-to-work-with Kurt Woerpel (@lepreowtruk) 👌) /// I put the link in le bio for easy click-a-bility 📲

A pic that’s mostly about her whiskers

Lil family unit in Hudson at golden hour ✨

📚 Went to vote at our polling place today, which just so happens to be our new local library. I’ve always loved little small-town libraries but hadn’t managed to check this one out yet. Well, I am in LOVE. It had several little art shows going on, a cool rock/minerals/shells exhibit in the basement, tons o’ nooks and crannies to hole up in, and (of course) SO MANY BOOKS. I think I found my new favorite spot. 😍 Democracy is cool and all, but maybe to me libraries are even cooler? They’re really the closest things we have to utopian communities ✨ (and they’re QUIET!)

I love this cabin just up the road from us. It’s mostly empty but always has the vibe of fairies or maybe witches tending to it.

✏️Next weekend at @BasilicaHudson, @thecreativeindependent is releasing two FREE, limited-edition publications I edited, one "On making a living as an artist" & one "On dealing with creative anxiety." Both of these topics are near and dear to my heart, and both have been covered extensively in interviews, wisdom, and how-to guides on TCI (so you can bet that what’s inside these books has been hand-picked with extreme care and enthusiasm). They were beautifully designed by @varyerer and printed by @mixamprint. Come to Basilica SoundScape in Hudson next weekend to snag yourself a printed copy, or stay tuned for the digital edition coming soon! 📚📖💸 (photos by @tcolerachel; since I live in the woods I haven’t even laid actual eyes on these bad boys yet)

Just ordered a doggie DNA test for this girl... til then, any guesses?

Me with my coworker. Photo by @okaymilly 🐾

We got lost in the deep dark forest but found a cool empty hunting cabin surrounded by prairie grass and fluffy clouds and a view of the reservoir so in the end it was worth it ? 📷 by @taylor_spitzer ❤️

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