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William Koimene  May 3, 1996 -????. I'm tryna make that dash (-) as meaningful as it can be!

About 6 or 7 years ago I met a weird Puerto Rican kid on the track who wouldn't stop talking about Kobe. Turns out he's he wasn't Puerto Rican he was Jamaican and it also turns out he wasn't he's some weird kid but my best friend in fact no he was my brother. And 7 years it seems that my brother has found his rib the woman who he will call his wife and the woman I'll call my sister. Congratulations @andrewboyd24 on finding yourself a good thing

Never gonna go a day without you
Fills me up just thinkin' about you
I'll never go a day
Without my mama- Wanya Morris..... I love you mom!

I'm doing this because I promised to but sheesh my little niece just turned 11 I'm getting old. Happy birthday and More life to you Destine

The big brother makes sacrifices for his little brother not because he gains anything but because a brotherly relationship is birthed of love and nothing else. If the little brother is hungry the big brother is starving , if the little brother is thirsty the big brother is dehydrated. He does everything to make sure his little brother is in better position than he is though he is provided him the position simply because they are brothers. #mybigbrother #nosleep #themanineedtobe #tryingmybest #lessonlearned #buildnotbreak

The last time I took a picture with my older brother I was 16. I was in the 11th grade I was the shy,soft spoken ,lazy, unathletic baby brother who didn't speak much and still like being called William. My older brother was best friend as much as I didn't want to say we were the very close. And personal life aside Thomas had a personal drive, work ethic, and motivation that I didn't have but wanted so bad. Thomas had a personality that would fill up an entire room. He was the life of party. People would often question if I knew how to speak. Since that time it seems that we both become different people as we've grown into young men. I no longer stand in the corner with my hands in pockets. In fact so much has changed sometimes people even think I'm the older brother. To get to the point of what I'm trying to say is that tho everything has changed I would like to keep my best friend. So this is public service announcement to my older brother that William wants his best friend back. Idk where he is but I know he's out there somewhere so gimme a call , a holler or what it is want to do . Cause tho a lot has changed in these last 5 years the blood running thru our veins are the same till this day. We've got a another picture we need to take!!

Always remember what you came from

There's always snakes in the grass. You just gotta be careful where you step. I've learned how to keep my shoes clean the hard way. #heartoverheight #betrayednotbroken #thetrill

If lose 1 , I bouce back like 2,3 did with 4,5

Being a young man of African descent Obama being President meant a lot more to me than just the first black president elected. As a 1st generation American I saw my family struggle to make ends barley meet because they were limited to a glass ceiling to couldn't break as refugees with limited documents but having stay in a country that was foreign to them because it was the best option for the family. My Father was a government official in his country but due to civil war and a corrupt government he was reduced to working at jobs such as Walmart upon coming to America. He probably won't see this post but Dad one day we'll take a picture just like this!!! #hope #thanksObama

2017 here here Will the trill comes. Do my best to prevent setbacks #godwilling🙏

You see this lady. She my inspiration. She's behind my never ending drive to succeed no matter how odds are/will ever stacked against me. My Mom! My Rock! My Heart! #perfectlyimperfect #childonlyamothercouldlove

Special birthday shout out to the biggest scheme boul I know @tell.vel #heartoverheight #teamalwaysdrawling #foreigners

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