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William Robinson III ♊️  A Gemini with heavenly spirits is what I visualize,so i decide to live for God everyday to be recognized not by human eyes but 3rd eyes let Kemet rise

Come out and support and vote for Mrs.Morris! #douglasvilleboxingclub

Best song of 2018 on God!!! #Saroc #hiphop

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Strong message from my wife. ❤️💪🏾Repost @iamgillianwhite
PICTURED ABOVE: A mid 40 year old mother of multiple children. An over 50 year old father. Married, happy and sharing a deep love and passion for life, health & fitness. You see, there’s some strange “myth” that as you get older, your body starts to breakdown and not look as great as it did in your 20’s. I partially call BS. I look better now than I did in my 20s. Your body does go through changes as you get older but I think too many people use this reason as well as many other reasons as excuses. Your body will absolutely break down if YOU let it break down based on the bad food choices and lack of fitness decisions you make throughout your life. I went through periods in my life where I put on 30 lbs from eating a bunch of crap and not working out...as well as Iosing major weight, looking anorexic & being really unhealthy from a very stressful period in my life. I’ve had children and packed on pregnancy pounds and if I CHOSE to, I could use those as excuses to not be in shape but I didn’t. At this point in my life, my body has found it’s happy place. I’m healthy & stress free. I practice martial arts and boxing with my husband @officialmichaeljai and overall I eat pretty healthy. I don’t work out everyday, but when I do, I go hard. I don’t starve myself or am super anal about counting calories, measurements & portions...I’m not trying to win a damn fitness competition. I eat pretty clean and just try stay away from food that I know isn’t good for my system. I also don’t drink or smoke which has helped my skin stay healthy, ageless and glowing. This is what works for ME...and taking care of ME means I am there for my loved ones. We are all different, with different agendas, different goals, different outlooks on life. What works for some may not work for others. You have to find what works for YOU, but nevertheless, your health should always be a priority & the one thing we should all care about is taking really good care of the one body that you have, ‘cause guess what? You ain’t getting another one! So treat it right! 📸: @kemwestphoto #health #fi

Every Wednesday come and join me to get a high calorie burning, fun action packed kickboxing class!

Whyyy you mad at Nike 😂😂😂 plies the funniest i swear.

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September 3rd 2018 |Commercial “Intro With Will” | @will_the_gemini x @iamdenasia 🎧 | Take Care Of Your Health 📝 #Flexlanta

Definitely upgrading to the iPhone X what a shot by my fav cousin @laurennnn27 #modeling #flexlanta #calibeachbodies #black #melanin #handsome

The second Dude took his legs off i would of walked away, cause either two things are gonna happen your gonna whoop a dudes ass with no legs (so technically you lost Nigga how you gonna Fight someone handicap and feel good about it?) or your about to get your ass whooped by a dude with no legs. He was too confident the way he popped them shits off he knew those legs where holding him back, and everyone around seemed to know once his legs come off shit gets real. You can’t win this fight 😂

🎁🎉🎊🎉🎁 happy birthday to the beautiful @chellyyroxanne hope you have a great day

Ladies & gentleman, Guys & Gals come take a fun and exciting class at the best dance studio in Atlanta, GA, we offer a wide variety of Caribbean and African dances plus butt kicking cardio boxing with yours truly! Follow for @kittwani for dates and times for the dance classes and come see me every Saturday @9am to sweat and release frustration!!! #fitness #atlanta #kittness #norcross #dancestudio #kickboxing #caribbean #african

I think i did this like every week in high school r.i.p to the Hommie X @ogtrap_demarco he was my number one victim and me and @sterlingolinger had a good competition going back and forth @mr.superduper would always Check my shit so i left him alone 😂😂😂

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