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Will  Old enough to know better and young enough to keep on doing it.

Here ya go @streetofshame !

That thing sticking up in the middle of the city skyline is SalesForce tower.

And true to form, another of my motorcycles is earning its keep... as an extra in a movie. Hopefully they get all the scenes shot before the rain comes...

You know when you fix one thing, and immediately find something else? Yeah. Guess I scraped my clutch cable in a curb. Good news is that the True Track motor mounts make a world of difference in the Dyna's handling at speed. @duffro @spadedandfaded

Ted's a shredder too. Almost a year old now. Holy crap

Digging the cool sticker I get for paying my dues early. #sfelks

Surprised that I've never eaten here before... meeting linda after she gets off work

Look out Tony Robbins, @kevindemattia is taking over the life coach biz!

She has no idea what her tail is doing. She's just sitting here, chirping at the birds and knocking my shit over... Fluffy The Shredder, just doing her thing...

I bet half the clowns that complain about the Bay Area don't really get out and enjoy it. Part of it is because they're working so much to be able to afford it. But I'll also bet that they think the world starts and ends in SF and that the rest is just scenery for the commute.

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