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There is so much inside me tonight, so many things going on. The reason I am here, that I am alive, that I choose to continue to fight is because of @sarah_joy_awesome and @danireece23 and @codyreece11 and you too Thomas you non Instagramer. It is because of my friends whom I love with all of my heart, it is because of my rescue pups, it is because this world is a shit show and I want to make it better. I chose to live, to fight cancer by having chemo and radiation, and when these didn't work, I chose to have my ass removed for them, for Curtis. Some days, it's hell, absolute hell, and I am done. There's nothing more that I can take and then I look into her eyes and I know that I have found something priceless. I see my son and my daughter and in my soul I know that I could never leave them; that I would fight for them; that I would do anything not to die for them. This may sound stupid, but I'd do that for my pups too. The dry heaves, my radiated hip, my neuropath, my feet that dance when I'm sleeping, my stoma, the accidents, the pain, the hell that these things are, that they force upon meb they're worth it because of love. I love you. SaraH, Cody, Dani and you, my friends, my pups, I love you. #fight

I love this woman...and the photo bomber in the back, too!

405 for the love of my life!!! I'm so amazed, proud, and lucky to walk this life with this woman!!! Thank you @codyreece11 and brother Joe! Great lifting partners!!!

They moved,
Their bodies
Her hand in
Music stirring the
And in that dance,
in that movement of
He found her soul,
In the light of her eyes,


I turn, searching for you in the dark, my heart pounding in an empty bed. I reach, wanting to touch, to whisper, needing to say I love you; nothing. Oh god, where are you? My heart, my soul, they're dying without you. I'll sleep, dream, reawaken to the nightmare of life without you until the night comes, until the darkness mocks me; I'll dream.


I've had a ton of injuries coming back from #cancer, but thanks to @sarah_joy_awesome @pocket.viking @codyreece1199 @kaiganyoung I've kept on track. I'm still not back to 750, but 545 makes me happy today; no pain! I just want to thank all my #instafamily for your love and support! #love

This is my big boy, my rescue from 2008, my Ajax. This guy is so amazing, so good, my boy from day one. I can't tell you much I love him.
#doberman #dobies #dobermansofinstagram #love

It was her soul, that feeling of her that had always stayed with him. And if she could have, if she had crawled into his heart, she would have realized her true beauty.


Two years ago today, I was diagnosed with Rectal Anal cancer stage 3/4. I beat it. Why not celebrate with my son @codyreece1199 and deadlift?!?! Up your ass cancer! #cancer #cancersucks #deadlift #powerlifting #love

She died in your arms, and you did not notice, her last breath conferring your own esteem, quietly, with all sweetness, your name slipped from pale lips while dimming eyes held the image of the mirror until there was nothing save you. But that has always been.


Life at my house with three #dobies #Ajax #Sibyl #Odin ❤❤😁

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