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It’s Fridayyy! You know what that means... the wilkmazz team’s taking over Liberty Station! Thanks for putting up with our craziness, @monikercommons!

Money money money monnnnay 💵🎶 Raising money for your small business can be challenging. One potential game changer: crowdfunding. You’ve probably seen crowdfunding in action; it’s where multiple people give small amounts of money to a startup. But it’s not as simple as setting up a webpage and asking people to fork over their cash. There are actually two models for crowdfunding! We break down these two types of models in today’s #LegalResourceWednesday, so if you think crowdfunding might be for you, we suggest you tap the link in bio and take a look!

Wishing you a very productive Monday! But hey, if you only look at videos of dogs, that’s cool, too. Just make sure you send ‘em our way. ❤️🐶💙
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Throwback to our summer celebration a couple weeks ago. Our mixtape drops at midnight. 🎤🎶🔥

Employee exits are never fun. Whether it be a beloved longtime employee, or that one that really drove you crazy, this is perhaps the riskiest part of the employment lifecycle. We know this, so we made a handy article to give you an overview of how to handle this process the right way! Because we’re helpful like that. Tap the link in bio for today’s #LegalResourceWednesday article.
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It might still be 80 degrees in San Diego, but we watched one crisp, wrinkled, yellow leaf fall off of a tree yesterday and now we’re awaiting the triumphant return of wilkmazz’s Halloween King! 🎃👻😈

Bigggg happy birthday to Ms. Stephanie Trejos, Esq.! 🎉 Wilkmazz wouldn’t be wilkmazz without her infectious joy, 😊 little claps, 👏and sweet surprises. 🍫 Thanks for bringing the sunshine, Steph! We love you! ❤️

Everybody knows what the Occupational Health And Safety Act (“OSHA”) is, right? But do you really know how to follow the rules laid out by OSHA? This guy would be giving TWO thumbs up, had his workplace followed our Workplace Safety in a Nutshell guide, which gives an overview of the regulations so you can get the big picture. You can find it at the link in bio, our #LegalResourceWednesday gift to you!

We’re saying bye bye to summer (with a slightly creepy pageant wave 👋) and hellooooo to fall 🍂🌥🍁 now that it’s officially Labor Day! Hope everyone’s having an amazing long weekend!

Have a little fun this weekend. Or a lot of fun. Your call. 😎
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🚨CALLING ALL UNICORNS!🚨This is it— the moment you’ve been waiting for! ⚖️🦄📝@legalunicornsociety is now accepting membership applications! If you or someone you know would like to join a rad group of forward-thinking attorneys, hit us up! And don’t forget to tap the link in bio— check out what it means to be a unicorn!
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You know, we really like working with creatives. Probably because we identify as artists. (OK, artists on the side.) We know you’re out there being modern cowboys, getting shit done as solopreneurs. We just wanted to say we see you, we appreciate you, and we love supporting you. ❤️
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