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April Wilkerson  I'm a Maker. I'm moving through life building what I need instead of buying it. I also make videos showing you how I do it.

I’m hoping that joining the urban logging club means I get a cool code name, if so I’m claiming Scorpion as mine. 😁 #icouldnthelpit #imanerd #ilovethatmovie #mortalkombat #urbanlogging @mattcremona What’s your name?

Slab flattener is assembled so now I just need a dried slab.... @woodpeckers_tools This unit will be available to pre order in Nov

Anybody need epoxy? @totalboat has given me a 20% off discount code to give to y’all! If you use AprilW at checkout at TotalBoat.com or JamestownDistributors.com. Bonus: they have free shipping! I’ll be using the 2:1 in my next project which is turning these live edge slabs into coffee tables. #epoxy #liveedge #woodworking

Just tested the arch out and it went spectacular!! What a very very cool thing. I’ll edit together a short video, when I can, of pulling these two oaks up and onto the trailer.

While waiting for the rain to stop, so I can pick up a few logs, I’ll be keeping myself busy with assembling and trying out a new slab flattener from @woodpeckers_tools (available to preorder in Nov) A few weeks ago I made a home made jig, so I’m excited to see the difference a real set up makes.
Am I the only one who sets out all the parts before diving into assembly? #tellmeimnotcrazy What about the throw it aside mess from unboxing a new toy? I surely can’t be the only one who does that....

For my chainsaw mill I’ll be using the Husqvarna Rancher, picked up at my local @tractorsupply First order of business is to switch the chain over to a ripping chain. The cross cut chain that comes with a new saw is designed to cut trees down at the base and cutting logs into rounds (because you’re cutting through much shorter growth rings, making an easier cut.)
This @granberginternational Ripping chain, is a chisel ripping chain from Oregon/Carlton that they modify even further by shaving down every two cutter teeth, which makes it faster and smoother than a stock ripping chain. 😀 I just learned this information yesterday and thought it was fascinating. I love learning things like this. Did you already know there were chains designed for different tasks? #makessense #learnsomethingnew #chainsaw #chainsawmill

Please stop blowing up my inbox telling me to learn how to pronounce Husqvarana. @husqvarnausa says I’m saying it correctly so I’m going to take their word for it.....

Its raining so I can’t go pick up a log with my new trailer....but I can start building my chainsaw mill. 😀 @tractorsupply @husqvarnausa @granberginternational #chainsawmill #chainsaw

My friends over the @theherculesdolly have given me a 10% off coupon code if you’re interested in picking up a fabulous helper in the shop for sheet goods. Use April at check out to get 10%, the code will be valid until Oct 28th! #helpinghand

This is my optimal Sunday activity. #yardwork #bringontherain

Ok guys, the video on building what I’m calling the Ultimate Clamp Rack is now live on my YouTube channel. Check it out if you’re interested, there is a link in the description for you. If not, then at least oogle these pretty photos @makergray took of it. 🙂 @besseytools_na @rockler_woodworking #woodworking #clamps #woodworker

I’m spending my day editing tomorrow’s video, but my mind keep wondering to my latest project. I hate stopping once I’ve started. #welding #metalworking
Photo credit: @makergray

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