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Wild Salmon Center  Protecting the last, best wild salmon ecosystems across the Pacific Rim. #salmonstrongholds

The "river wolf" of Russia.

Only a handful of great rivers can still claim robust runs of this apex fresh-water predator. Name the species -- and for extra credit -- the rivers where they still run strong.

PC: Keith Rose

This one has stumped more than a few people in the past. What's your guess?A Chinook or coho?

For a clue, look at the kype on this guy! It's nothing short of astounding the changes that salmon go through before spawning.

PC: Ken Morrish

Every year, hatcheries in Alaska, Russia & Japan release 5 billion salmon into the Pacific–mostly pink & chum.
In a new study published in Fisheries Oceanography, Sonia Dawn Batten, Greg Ruggerone and Ivonne Ortiz reviewed 15 years of data on the abundance of pink salmon, and the zooplankton & phytoplankton. The results? Pink salmon are having a significant impact on the food web, possibly to the detriment of other salmon species that also feed on zooplankton.

PC: Lindsey Aspelund

An Alaskan beauty.
PC: Guido Rahr, Wild Salmon Center

Alaska is one of the last places in the United States where salmon return in the millions, permeating braided rivers to feed people and wildlife year after year, inspiring a sense of wonder and environmental stewardship around the world. But as the state grows, these once pristine and wild places begin to edge closer to the state of many salmon rivers in the lower 48—fragmented, degraded, or dammed. For the first time this fall, Alaskans have an opportunity to strengthen state law to better protect its world-famous salmon fishery, a fishery that creates jobs for over 32,000 Alaskans. But international oil and gas companies are pouring millions of dollars into truth-bending ads to maintain the status quo.
If passed, the @StandforSalmon initiative would be one of the biggest freshwater conservation wins in recent history. Alaskans need our help to win. Follow the link in our bio to read Mike Wood’s story on @patagonia's The Cleanest Line and join salmon lovers everywhere to #StandforSalmon.

Photo by @davemccoywa
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Today is #WorldOceansDay Day and here at WSC we'd like to highlight the Pacific Ocean, where all Pacific salmon, at some point in their lives, spend up to 7 years maturing and growing in its deep blue water. We hope you get a chance to visit it's coast and are thankful for the immense bounty of wild fish it sustains.
Photo of the #OregonCoast courtesy of Ken Morrish.

Still looking for Father's Day gift ideas? Our friends at @grip6belt created a new Conservation Series of its famous lightweight belt, including a limited edition salmon buckle. A whopping 10% of proceeds are donated to WSC in support of our efforts to conserve wild salmon and steelhead watersheds. Pick one up today at the Link in our Bio.

Cold rivers, green leaves, and wild fish. Who's ready for summer?

PC: Ken Morrish | @flywatertravel

In 2006, we hired biologist Devona Ensmenger on the Olympic Peninsula to build a viable salmon habitat protection and wild fish management program from scratch. Twelve years later, through a blend of meticulous science and patient partnership building, she has helped regional leaders speak with a powerful, unified voice that has delivered clear conservation wins for one of the last great strongholds in the Lower 48. As she leaves Wild Salmon Center to focus on new pursuits in Eastern Washington, we reflect on her many accomplishments. She has set up the region and the program for continued success.

PC: Robert Delahanty

“Seeing how some of our country’s most vital ecosystems are struggling these days, we knew we wanted to do our part to help,” Kevin Rogers, National Sales Manager at @grip6belt. Kevin designed the Conservation Series product line with 10% of sales going to groups like the Wild Salmon Center.
Learn more from our GRIP6 spotlight at wildsalmoncenter.org.
Pictured: Kevin Rogers on the Strawberry River, photo by Nate Rogers.

The health of coho salmon is a vital indicator of the health of our coastal watersheds. Rebuilding coast coho habitat back to health has a ripple effect—with Chinook, chum, cutthroat, and steelhead all realizing the benefits.
PC: Kate Harnedy

The legendary Nehalem River. We have an opportunity to designate a gorgeous 17 mile stretch as a State Scenic Waterway. Stay tuned for more info about how you can help us protect this Oregon coastal gem.
PC: Justin Bailie

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